Epson Projector Price in Bangladesh

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Epson Projector Buying in Bangladesh

Epson projector is one of the most widely used projectors in Bangladesh. Epson projectors have been used in various offices, educational institutions and other institutions in Bangladesh for a long time. Epson projectors are loved by everyone in Bangladesh for their resolution, lumens, contrast, lamp life, superior quality lenses, large image size and other benefits.

Why buy Epson projector?

There are different types of projectors in Bangladesh but it would not be wrong to say that Epson projector is the best. Because the features of Epson projectors are exceptional and advantageous from other projectors. The features of Epson projectors are discussed below:

1. Resolution: The resolutions of Epson projectors are very high quality. Even Epson's low-cost projectors now offer Full HD resolution. As a result, regardless of the price of the Epson projector, images or videos can be seen clearly in full HD resolution. Epson projectors range from Full HD resolution to 4K resolution.

2. Lenses: Epson projector lenses are specially made because no matter how good the resolution of a projector is, if the lens is not good, the image or video cannot be seen clearly. Epson projectors include focal length lenses and optical lenses that can display any image or video on the screen from far away and zoom in.

3. Lumens: Epson projectors have a minimum lumens of 2500 which is especially useful for offices, businesses or other institutions. These are also known as Epson indoor projectors or business projectors. Not only that but many Epson projectors also have 5000 lumens which can deliver brighter and more vivid images or videos. Generally, Epson projectors with higher lumens are used outdoors.

4. Connectivity: Epson projectors come with all kinds of connectivity facilities including USB, HDMI, VGA, WiFi, audio jack. As a result, images or videos can be viewed easily by connecting to any device.

5. Lamp Life: The lamp life of Epson projectors is comparatively longer than other projectors in many cases. As a result, an Epson projector can be used over a long period of time. Epson projectors also come with good quality parts and service warranty as after sales service.

What is the price of Epson projector in Bangladesh?

Epson projector price in Bangladesh usually ranges from Tk 42,500 to Tk 4,00,000. Epson projector price in Bangladesh depends on model, size, lumens, contrast ratio, connectivity, lens, resolution and other features. But no matter what the budget is when it comes to Epson projectors, Epson projectors will provide the best service compared to other projectors in the market.

What is the price of Epson Wi-Fi projector in Bangladesh?

Epson WiFi Projector price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 53,500 only. This Epson projector provides wireless facilities so images or videos can be viewed through WiFi without any cable connection with the help of devices such as mobile, computer, laptop, smart television etc. Adding this Wi-Fi facility has made Epson projectors widely popular in Bangladesh. Epson WiFi projectors are used in various places in Bangladesh.

How are Epson 4K projectors?

Epson 4K projector offers various benefits besides viewing pictures or videos in 4K resolution. These are more lamp life, lumens, better quality image size, contrast, modern and better quality lenses, HDMI, VGA, USB, WiFi connectivity facilities. With Epson 4K projectors, presentations or other work in offices, universities or various organizations can be seen very clearly in a modern way. Epson 4k projector price in Bangladesh is very cheap.

What are the benefits of Epson Android projector?

Epson Android Projector has all the conveniences of an Android television. Details are mentioned below:

  • Epson Android projectors have WiFi facility.
  • Use YouTube, Facebook, Messenger and other social media with Epson Android Projector.
  • They also have storage facility so that any pictures or videos can be saved.
  • Epson Android projectors have other connectivity features.
  • Epson Android Projector can be operated alone without the help of any other device so it does not require mobile, computer, television, TV card, dish line.
  • Epson Android projector remote is very modern as its remote has various functions including keyboard feature.
  • Epson Android Projector price in Bangladesh is relatively low.

Best Epson Projector Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for May, 2024

Epson Projector Model Price in BD
Epson CO-W01 3000 Lumens 3LCD WXGA Projector ৳ 43,500
Epson EB-W49 3LCD Office Projector ৳ 70,000
Epson EB-972 4100 Lumens XGA 3LCD Projector ৳ 78,000
Epson EB-982W PowerLite 3LCD Projector ৳ 88,000
Epson EB-E01 XGA 3LCD Projector ৳ 41,000
Epson EB-W06 WXGA 3LCD Office Projector ৳ 70,000
Epson Home TW5820 3LCD Streaming Projector ৳ 135,000