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Pulse Oximeter Buying in Bangladesh

What is Oximeter?

An oximeter is a device that measures the heart rate of the human body and the level of oxygen in the blood. The amount of oxygen is measured by placing an oximeter on the fingertips. Anyone can use it. When the oxygen saturation goes below 60 percent, the heart, liver, kidneys, etc. can be damaged. When the oxygen saturation in a person's body is low, it becomes difficult to easily understand if there are no respiratory problems. This is especially the case with some patients with Covid-19, doctors said. The pulse oximeter is the most reliable instrument for this type of problem.

What is the price of pulse oximeter?

Generally, the price of pulse oximeter is determined based on its brand, display quality, sensor quality, and the technology built. Currently, pulse oximeter price in BD starts from TK 750 thats pulse measurement range is 30 bpm to 250 bpm. Moreover, pulse oximeters with advanced technology and measurement accuracy of 30 to 99 bpm tend to cost a bit more.

Structure of pulse oximeter

The body of the pulse oximeter is usually made of high quality plastic. There is a sensor at one end of the oximeter and a photo diode at the end of the LED detector. The LED detector displays the light and the photo detector on the upper side receives that light and shows it to the digital display through the sensor.

Some of the instructions on the digital display are

Low voltage display allows you to know the amount of battery. If there is a rechargeable oximeter then it can be seen on the low-voltage display.

Oxygen Structure: SpO2 is written as a small symbol on the left side of the pulse oximeter display.

Oxygen Level: The display shows large oxygen levels below the oxygen concentration.

Symbol of Pulse Rate: The level of oxygen in the display is expressed by a signal in small size which is expressed every single second.

Pulse Rate: Pulse rate is displayed in large size on the display. The number that will be displayed here indicates the level per second.

Pulse Rate Bargraph: The display has some symbols on the left side of the pulse level. These are called pulse rate bargraph. As the pulse rate fluctuates, so does the pulse rate bargraph symbol.

Work should be done with a good knowledge of how and in what cases to use the pulse oximeter.

What should be the amount of oxygen in the human body?

The amount of oxygen in the body of a healthy person is 95 to 98 percent. Hypoxia occurs when the amount of oxygen in the human body decreases. As a result, problems like shortness of breath, headache, chest pain etc. occur. This disease weakens the functioning of the human body.

Which finger to choose?

Choosing a finger is very important when using an oximeter. The desired result may not be obtained if the finger selection is more or less. However, if you have to choose the thumb or middle finger of the hand that is accustomed to work more, then the results of the oximeter will be better.

Who will use the oximeter?

For those who suffer from asthma, bronchitis and respiratory complications, oximeters should be kept close at hand. It is very important to use it in case of coronary heart disease. In addition, suffering from diabetes, hypertension and long-term lung or heart disease increases the risk of coronavirus infection. So these patients should pay attention to the level of oxygen in the blood.

Oximeter result expression

Oximeters reveal results depending on oxygen. If the level of oxygen is more or less, the result will be different. However, if the result is more or less 2%, it is considered as normal level.

Wrong decision of oximeter

The oximeter sometimes displays incorrect results. The result of the oximeter depends on the temperature of the hand. If the hand temperature is ever lower than the body temperature, the oximeter may not give accurate results. In this case, you have to make sure that the temperature of the hand is higher than the body during the test. Otherwise, the oximeter may not give the correct result.

Best Pulse Oximeter Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for June, 2024

Pulse Oximeter Model Price in BD
RoHS 50D Pulse Oximeter ৳ 800
Neutral KOX10 Finger Clip Pulse Oximeter ৳ 2,600
Fingertip YK-80A Pulse Rate Oximeter ৳ 1,900
Fingertip CMS-50D Audible Pulse Oximeter ৳ 1,000
Fingertip FPX-033 Pulse Rate Oximeter ৳ 1,900
AFK YK009 Digital Fingertip Pulse Oximeter ৳ 849