Pulse Oximeter

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৳ 3,800
moment ago
Heal Force A3 Pulse Oximeter

Parameters are oxygen saturation SpO2, measurement range 35-99%, resolution ± 1%, accuracy 90-99%,...

৳ 2,700
2 days ago
Fingertip FPX-033 Pulse Rate Oximeter

Color OLED display, SpO2 and pulse monitoring, and waveform display, low voltage alarm display, auto power-off,...

৳ 6,500
21 days ago
Heal Force Prince-100B5 Fingertip Oximeter 1" FSTN Display

Heal Force prince-100B5 fingertip oximeter is applicable for spot-checking SpO2 and pulse rate of adult and pediatric...

৳ 2,700
2 hours ago
Fingertip CMS-50D Audible Pulse Oximeter

Mini USB port, adjustable display brightness, alarm with a high and low limit, one-button operation, audible pulse...

৳ 2,500
17 hours ago
Photoelectrical Sensor Finger Pulse Oximeter MOX001

Measure SpO2 for household and personal use, easy and quick measuring operation, just need to place your finger inside...

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17 hours ago
Rossmax Monitoring SB150 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

High accuracy, Sp02 and pulse rate display, four directions modes, bar graph and pulse waveform display, adjustable...