Lightning Arrester Price in Bangladesh

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Lightning arrester is primarily used to protect electrical equipment against high-voltage lightning strikes. Danger of lightning increases manifold where there are electrical appliances or electricity. And, the high voltage of lightning can completely destroy electrical devices and increase the risk of accidents. Therefore, lightning arresters should be used to protect electrical devices from lightning. Lightning arrester is also commonly known as thunder arrester. Currently, various type and quality of lightning arrester is available in Bangladesh as per the requirement.

Where is the lightning arrester used?

Lightning arrester should be set up where electricity is normally used. As a result, the effects of unwanted lightning can be avoided. Lightning arrester is especially used with electrical equipment such as transformer and transmission line because these devices are more prone to lightning strike. Also, it is recommended to use lightning arrester in buildings or small houses where there is electricity.

How does a lightning arrester work?

Lightning arrester systems can easily transfer high-voltage lightning strikes to the ground. A lightning arrester system has a device facing the sky that attracts lightning, also known as an air terminal. And it is connected to the ground terminal through the earthing electrode thereby transferring the full high-voltage of the lightning strike to the ground. As a result, no electrical device is damaged due to lightning and accidents can be avoided.

What to consider before buying a lightning arrester?

Some things must be considered before buying a lightning arrester:

1. Lightning arrester should be selected according to requirement and budget.

2. Better quality lightning arresters should be used in those areas of Bangladesh where the risk of lightning is high.

3. If lightning arrester is used with any electrical equipment like a transformer, transmission line, motor, generator, then suitable lightning arrester should be selected accordingly.

4. A lightning arrester should be selected considering its reliability.

5. Before buying a lightning arrester, one must consider its quality.

What is the price of Lightning Arrester?

Currently, the price of lightning arrester is determined based on its type, size, quality, etc. Lightning arrester price in Bangladesh starts from 7,000 taka which is the complete system setup of a lightning arrester. And, better quality lightning arrester system price starts from TK 1,50,000. Moreover, parts of lightning arrester as required and a complete setup of lightning arrester can be procured from Bdstall at affordable price.

Best Lightning Arrester Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for May, 2024

Lightning Arrester Model Price in BD
Lightning Arrester Rod for Thunder Protection ৳ 3,900
Schirtec AG E.S.E. Lightning Arrester ৳ 160,000
Copper Lightning Protection System ৳ 1,650
10-Feet Earthing Electrode ৳ 11,500
Low-Res Earthing Compound ৳ 11,000
Schirtec AG SLSC-20 Lightning Strike Digital Counter ৳ 24,000
Aluminium Lightning Protection System (LPS) ৳ 1,000