Card Reader Price in Bangladesh

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Card Reader Buying in Bangladesh

What is a card reader?

A card reader is an electronic device used to access data stored on a memory card. A card reader basically turns an ordinary memory card into an external drive that helps provide access through the computer's operating system or downloaded software.

Why are card readers used?

A card reader facilitates both reading and writing data stored on a memory card. Not only that, card readers play an important role in digital cameras for capturing images or videos. It can also be used to store and transport any data easily, such as a portable hard drive or flash drive. Card readers are also used for various reasons. The reasons for using card reader are:

  • The data transfer speed of a memory card through a card reader is much faster than other readable devices.
  • It prevents harmful data transfer to smart or digital cameras and mobile phones which helps to keep the device in good condition.
  • A card driver is a driver that provides wireless transfer facilities when transferring data from a device to a computer.
  • Since a card reader can read data, if there is a virus on the memory card during data transfer, the card reader reads it and blocks the transfer of virus-containing data. As a result, the computer can receive virus-free data.
  • A card reader can transfer data at a higher speed than a pen drive and the card reader provides greater data security.
  • The card reader is very easy to use and does not require any permission when using it on the computer so data transfer can be done easily.

What is the price of card reader in BD?

The card reader price starts from Tk 499 only in BD. It is an OTG supported card reader. 6 features are available in this card reader. This card reader has Micro USB, USB, TF card, Type C, SD card ports. There are also different types of card readers available in Bangladesh. The price of these card readers depends on the card reader type and features.

How many types of card readers are available in Bangladesh?

There are several types of card readers available in Bangladesh. These are:

  • OTG card reader
  • USB card reader
  • Micro USB card reader
  • TF card reader
  • Type C card reader
  • SD card reader

What are the advantages of OTG card reader?

OTG card readers are mainly used in mobile or similar devices. The advantages of OTG card reader are:

  • Data stored on SD or Micro SD card can be quickly accessed on tablet or smartphone using OTG card reader.
  • OTG card readers are light in weight and small in size, they do not have any cables so can be directly connected to mobile or tablet.
  • The OTG card reader has USB connectivity, so it can be directly connected to the mobile and save a lot of useful data.
  • It features plug-and-play installation. That is, by connecting directly, data transfer can be saved as well as any data it contains can be opened directly.
  • OTG card reader can be used not only on mobiles or tablets but also on devices that support OTG card readers.
  • OTG card reader is very cheap in BD.