Massager Machine

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৳ 700
3 days ago
Tens Acupuncture Digital Therapy Machine with Four Pads

Tens acupuncture digital therapy machine has 4 pads, 3 x AAA batteries, vibrate thump / shiatsu / massage / pat and...

৳ 1,470
3 days ago
Infrared Ray Foot Massager

PVC and grid material, 110V-240V input voltage, 31-watt power, infrared ray and auto-heating function, stylish and...

৳ 1,450
3 days ago
Massage Pillow Fine Texture PU Fabric Ultra-Thin Design

Massage pillow has fine texture PU fabric, lightweight ultra-thin design, stylish looks, built-in four kneading massage...

৳ 1,250
2 days ago
Relax and Tone Handheld Full Body Massager

Relax and tone handheld full body massager has a stylish and lightweight design with a rotational massaging action.

৳ 900
3 days ago
Acupressure Slippers Magnetic Foot Whole Body Massager

Free size. It relieves foot muscle tension and provides whole body relaxation by acupressure and magnetic therapy. It...

৳ 350
5 days ago
Kinoki Cleansing Detox Foot Pads

Kinoki detox foot patches has ability of absorb toxins, relieve fatigue, promote blood circulation / metabolism,...

৳ 1,499
5 days ago
Infrared Vibrating Foot Massager

Stylish and lightweight design, boost body immunity, promote blood circulation, deep kneading and shiatsu massage,...

৳ 790
3 months ago
Eye Care Massager 22-Electromagnetic Vibrator

Eye care massager has 22 pieces magnetic bud with electromagnetic vibration, 9 messaging modes, 2 AA batteries operated...

৳ 410
10 months ago
Electrothermal Multi-Color Hot Water Massager Bag

Electrothermal hot water bag is very convenient to use for massage your body and does not to be refilled every time as...

৳ 550
7 months ago
Neck Massager Pillow Comfort Fabric Battery Operated

Ergonomically designed so fits into the neck perfectly, portable, great massager pillow for travel and daily use, runs...