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Fan Buying in Bangladesh

Fan is used to keep the indoor climate cool during the hot season. The fan has multiple blades that rotate with the help of an electric motor and circulate the air throughout the room. Most people in Bangladesh use fans for relief in the heat. Fans usually use direct electrical power to supply air. However, many fans are now available that can run on solar energy. Besides, a battery-powered rechargeable fan is available in Bangladesh which provides fixed-time backup based on battery capacity.

How many type of fan available in Bangladesh?

Different types, sizes, and quality of fans are available in Bangladesh based on the requirement. Discussed in detail:

Ceiling Fan: Ceiling fan is used by fitting with the ceiling of the room. Ceiling fan is available in Bangladesh in different sizes and designs. Ceiling fan is used everywhere in Bangladesh, including almost all homes, educational institutions, and offices. Besides, the use of net ceiling fans can be seen in various places.

Stand Fan: Stand fan is basically a fan housed in a circular cage and attached to an adjustable stand. Stand fan can be moved to any part of the room as needed. Along with ceiling fans, stand fans are also used for additional ventilation. Stand fan of different sizes from small to large is available in the market in Bangladesh.

Table Fan: Table fan is basically the smallest form of stand fan which is usually placed on the table and is therefore known as table fan. Currently, both rechargeable and non-rechargeable table fan is available in BD. Table fan is useful for working or studying while sitting at the table during hot weather. Table fan is available at affordable prices in Bangladesh.

Mini Fan: Mini fan or pocket fan which is easily portable anywhere. Mini fan is very small in size so these fans are also known as portable fans. And, mini fan is usually rechargeable so mini fan can be easily used to reduce body heat while travelling in buses or trains or on the road and doing any work. Mini fan is available in various designs such as hanging around the neck or shoulder and easily set in the corner of the table.

Industrial Fan: In Bangladesh, large-size fan is used to control the temperature in small to large business establishments and manufacturing industries, so basically industrial fans. Industrial fans are widely used in factories in Bangladesh.

Rechargeable Fan: Fans that have specific batteries that can be charged with electric power and provide air with the help of battery backup at certain times are called rechargeable fans. In areas where there are frequent power outages during the hot season, rechargeable fans are ideal. Currently, there are various sizes of rechargeable table fans or stand fans available in Bangladesh.

Solar Fan: Fan that can run with the help of solar energy is called a solar fan. Compared to normal electric fan, solar fan are made using different technology. Especially in rural areas, solar fans are used at a higher rate. Currently, solar-powered ceiling fan and table fan is available in Bangladesh.

What is the price of fan in Bangladesh?

Generally, the cost of a fan is determined based on its size, design, technology, and type. Currently, fan price in Bangladesh starts from TK 320 which is a portable hand-held fan. Ceiling fan price in Bangladesh starts from TK 1,800 which is a 36-inch 3-bladed electric-powered fan. Besides, rechargeable mini fan price starts from TK 300 which can be charged through a USB port. As the size of the fan increases, the price increases. Moreover, the cost of industrial fans is a bit higher.

What to look for before buying a fan?

In Bangladesh, fan is an essential electrical device that is used in all homes and institutions. So there are some things to consider before buying a fan.

1. Fan Size: Fan size must be considered before buying a fan. In case of ceiling fan, the fan should be selected in proportion to the space and situation for fitting on the ceiling of the room. On the other hand, the table fan is used in a specific place, so a specific size table fan should be selected according to the need.

2. Number of Fan Blade: Most fans have three blades, but some ceiling and table fans have four and up to five blades. A fan with more blades can provide more airflow. Therefore, before buying a fan, one must select a fan considering the number of fan blades.

3. Rotation Speed: The higher the rotation speed of the fan, the more air the fan can flow. Fan RPM basically refers to the rotation speed. Therefore, the rotation speed must be considered before buying a fan.

4. Energy Consumption: Before buying a fan, one must see how much energy it will consume. Because the electricity bill is more or less based on the energy consumption. Hence, fans should be selected which are energy efficient. On the other hand, many people use IPS, so the energy consumption wattage should be considered if the IPS will support it.

5. Noise: Fan is usually used continuously day and night, so low-noise or noise-free fans should be selected. Because if the fan continues to make noise then it is normal to disturb the sleep.

6. Design: Fans of various designs are currently available in Bangladesh. Therefore, the design of the fan should be selected that suit the interior design of the house or office room.

Best Fan Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best fan list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best fan list has been created based on the interest for fan buyers of BD Stall.

Fan Model Price in BD
Jisulife FA13R Rechargeable Clip Fan ৳ 3,500
JYSUPER JY-1881 Charging Protection Strong Wind ৳ 750
LR 2018 Folding Fan ৳ 1,190
Awei F23 Mini Portable USB Rechargeable Desk Fan ৳ 2,299
Xiaomi Mijia ZMYDFS01DM Desktop Mini Fan ৳ 3,350
Shami GFB30-519 12" Luxurious Box Fan ৳ 2,800
Xiaomi Solove F5 USB Rechargeable Stand Fan ৳ 2,350
Jisulife F8X Foldable Hand Fan with Torch Light ৳ 1,749
Jisulife FA26A Ultra-Thin Table Fan ৳ 1,999
Neck Cooler Fan ৳ 620