Table Fan Price in Bangladesh

Table fan is a fan with a stand that can be placed anywhere to cool the house and enjoy the breeze. Moreover, table fans are commonly known as stand fans as the stand is attached. Generally in hot season in Bangladesh table fan is used to get more cool air while working while sitting at the table and while sleeping. Table fan of different size and brand is available in Bangladesh at affordable price.

How many type of table fan available in Bangladesh?

Different size, design, and shape of table fan is available in Bangladesh. However, based on the power technology, there are basically two types of table fans, rechargeable and non-rechargeable. Details are described:

General Table Fan: Non-rechargeable or direct electric-powered table fan is used everywhere in Bangladesh. The price of an electric-powered table fan is relatively low in Bangladesh. These table fan usually come in different sizes. And, larger size table fans are available in Bangladesh as per requirement. Electric-powered table fans can run at relatively high speeds.

Rechargeable Table Fan: Rechargeable table fan includes a fixed capacity battery of 6 or 12 volts. Hence, the battery can run on backup for a certain period of time after being charged with electrical power. As a result, during the hot season, wind can be supplied at certain times during load shedding. Rechargeable fans are usually small and medium in size. Rechargeable table fans in Bangladesh vary in price based on battery capacity and fan size and design.

What is the price of table fan in Bangladesh?

Currently, the price of table fan is determined on the basis of its size, technology, quality, charging or non-charging etc. The table fan price in Bangladesh starts from TK 750 which is a 9-inch electric-powered fan. However, the price of the small table fan starts from TK 320 which is a hand-held rechargeable fan. Moreover, the larger the size of the table fan, the more expensive it gets. On the other hand, rechargeable table fans are relatively more expensive.

What to look for before buying a table fan?

Things to consider before buying a table fan:

1. Small to big table fans are available in Bangladesh, so the size of the table fan should be selected according to the requirement.

2. Before buying a table fan, you must check whether the fan can provide enough air as needed.

3. If living in an area with high load shedding, a table fan with a battery should be selected.

4. When buying a rechargeable table fan, look at the fan's battery capacity. And, the table fan should be selected considering how much backup time it will provide after charging.

5. In the case of rechargeable table fans, the table fan should be selected based on how often the table fan battery needs to be changed.

6. For medium and large-size stand fans, consider how adjustable the stand of the table fan is.

7. The electrical cost of operating a table fan must be considered. Comparatively energy-efficient table fans should be selected.

8. Before buying a table fan, you have to consider the budget, size, battery capacity, maximum speed, etc.

How is the demand for table fan in Bangladesh?

The problem of load shedding is relatively high in some regions of Bangladesh and the demand for table fans in Bangladesh is relatively high as rechargeable table fans are available everywhere at low prices. Moreover, table fans are mostly used in Bangladesh to work comfortably in more air along with ceiling fans.