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RAM Price in Bangladesh | 4GB | 8GB | 16GB

৳ 3,200
20 days ago
৳ 3,800
1 day ago

How many GB of RAM do you need?

4 GB of RAM is required to run most basic applications. 8GB will increase functionality and 16 to 32GB will work best for running complex graphics and applications.

What kind of RAM is needed?

RAM should be compatible with your hardware so you need to match the type of RAM.

1. Select the RAM for compatible hardware where the RAM will be installed. For example, RAM for a desktop PC, RAM for a laptop, and RAM for a server.

2. Select the RAM of the pins that your motherboard supports, such as 204-pin, 240-pin, 260-pin and 288-pin.

3. Choose the right BUS for DDR-3, DDR-4 RAM.