Cow Milking Machine Price in Bangladesh 2024

Milking Machine Buying in Bangladesh

Currently, dairy farming is the most profitable method of farming in Bangladesh, which is rapidly gaining popularity. And milking machine is very useful for milking cows, goats, sheep or other dairy animals in these farms. A milking machine is basically a machine made up of a vacuum pump, pulsator and a set of cups or teat cups, etc., which is attached to the animal's milk sac to collect milk. Moreover, milking machines have become very popular in BD because milking is done faster than manual milking.

How many type of milking machine available in Bangladesh?

At present there are different types of milking machines in Bangladesh, but two types of machines are used more.

Bucket Milking Machine: This type of milking machine is mainly made of stainless steel or plastic bucket, flexible tube, pulsator. By controlling vacuum pressure with a pulsator, milk is collected by artificial massage in the animal's pouch. And, the milk is collected in the bucket through a pipe attached directly to the dairy cow's pouch.

Portable Milking Machine: This milking machine is usually portable for milking in different places. Portable milking machines come in a variety of sizes and configurations that are suitable for milking small to large numbers of dairy animals. This milking machine consists of vacuum pump, pulsator, and milk collection system. Also this type of machine can be run with electricity or gasoline engine.

What is the price of milking machine?

Currently, the price of milking machine varies depending on the brand, type, functionality, etc. Cow milking machine price in Bangladesh starts from TK 45,000 that depends on the machine type, capacity of the pea, capacity of the milk container, material used in making the machine etc. Besides, milking machines with advanced technology, transportable capabilities, and high-capacity engine price starts from TK 65,000. Also, pipeline systems and robotic milking machine is currently available for use in large scale farms in Bangladesh which is more expensive than other milking machine.

What to look for before buying a milking machine?

Milking machine basically works to collect milk from the udder of dairy animals using vacuum system. Before buying a milking machine, there are some things to keep in mind.

1. Vacuum Pump: Vacuum pump is an essential component of milking machine. A vacuum pump is basically a milking machine attached to the animal's pouch to create a vacuum inside and milk is collected from the pouch into the cup.

2. Pulsator: The function of pulsator is to control vacuum pressure and create pulsating action. Which essentially mimics the process of natural milk collection. Also, changing the vacuum pressure with the pulsator causes the teats to gently massage the animal's pouch. As a result, the milk from the animal's pouch starts accumulating in the cup.

3. Cups or Teat Cup: Cup or teat cup is primarily designed for comfortable and efficient milk flow for dairy animals. The cups are basically attached to the pouch by a vacuum seal.

4. Tube Line: A milk line is a type of tubing system that carries the stored milk from the cup to the container.

How to use Milking Machine?

To keep the machine milking process efficient, safe, and healthy, the following usage rules should be followed:

  • Step 1: Before milking, the dairy animal should be kept well clean and dry. Care should be taken that there is no dirt in the milk bag.
  • Step 2: Clean the machine before use as well as check the vacuum gauge, pulsator, and teat cup thoroughly.
  • Step 3: The teat cup should be well attached to the animal's pouch so that the flow of milk is not disturbed.
  • Step 4: Start the vacuum pump and adjust the speed of the pulsator as required.
  • Step 5: The machine should be checked from time to time to see if it is working properly.
  • Step 6: After the milking is done, check if there is any injury or redness in the milk sac of the animal.

Caution in using Milking Machine

Necessary precautions to avoid harm to dairy animals while using milking machine:

  1. Proper procedure should be followed for milking the machine
  2. Setting the vacuum pressure correctly and ensuring that the cups are set correctly to avoid discomfort or injury to dairy animals
  3. Monitoring the machine for proper functioning and cow discomfort
  4. Proper cleaning and sanitizing of the milking machine after each use to prevent the spread of disease
  5. Providing proper care and nutrition to dairy animals to maintain their health and well-being
  6. Any worn or damaged parts of the milking machine should be replaced promptly as needed