Oxygen Concentrator Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Oxygen Concentrator Buying in Bangladesh

Who needs an oxygen concentrator?

Everyone has to breathe air to live a healthy life. So if someone has lung disease or other medical conditions that make it difficult to breathe from the air then oxygen therapy requires an oxygen concentrator.

How long can it supply oxygen?

The oxygen concentrator is different from canned oxygen and never runs out of oxygen because it filters out carbon dioxide, nitrogen and delivers only oxygenated pure air. It requires electricity to run.

Do I need a prescription?

Yes, a doctor's prescription is required to use the oxygen concentrator effectively. Otherwise it can be harmful without being beneficial. It can supply oxygen at different levels so the patient will get oxygen as per the doctor’s advice.

Does Oxygen Concentrator require power backup?

The oxygen concentrator is designed to support power backup so that the machine can run without interruption. Power backup is very necessary for those who cannot run without oxygen.

What is the price of oxygen concentrator in Bangladesh?

Oxygen concentrate price in Bangladesh is between Tk 35,000 to Tk 100,000 and their purity is around 93% which is enough for any person to provide long-lasting oxygen. However, the price of oxygen concentrate depends on its flow rate, compressor quality and purity.

What is important for an oxygen concentrator?

Oxygen Concentration: The main purpose of this machine is to concentrate oxygen so the minimum concentration rate should be 87%. However, some oxygen concentrator machines produce concentrations as good as 99%.

Flow Rate: This flow rate should be determined as per doctor's advice. However, almost all machines can control the flow rate according to the setting so it is best to buy a concentrator that has a higher flow rate so you don't have to change the machine if you need more in the future.

Machine Size: Some oxygen concentrators are small in size and many are large so buy according to your needs. The mini concentrator machine is portable and can be taken anywhere so it can be used by more than one person if needed.

Power Supply: All the oxygen concentrator machines available in Bangladesh are powered by electricity. But some models come with battery backup.

Electricity Bill: Some oxygen concentrators consume less electricity so choose this one if you need it to run 24 hours a day. This will save some electricity bill.

What precautions should be observed for running the oxygen concentrator machine?

1. Since it is supplying concentrated oxygen to the patient, cleaning the filter regularly is an important task.

2. Check the setting so that the machine delivers the prescribed amount of oxygen to the patient.

3. Check the health status of the patient as some settings may not be suitable so consult the doctor immediately.

4. Although it is running for 24 hours but sudden stoppage of oxygen can be harmful to the patient so buy an oxygen cylinder as backup in case of critical patient.

5. Keep all flammable materials away from oxygen concentrations as concentrated oxygen can easily ignite.