CCTV Accessories

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৳ 15,000
5 days ago
HD-2800ADH CCTV Tester SDI / CVI / TVI / AHD Camera

HD-2800ADH CCTV tester is perfect for SDI, CVI, TVI, AHD CCTV camera. This CCTV tester has image display test, zooms...

৳ 120
3 days ago
Waterproof Outdoor CCTV Camera Adapter

CC camera adapter 12VA, 100 V~240 V AC input voltage, 12 V output voltage, 0°C -40°C temperature, 50-60 Hz input...

৳ 799
18 days ago
Mini i8 2.4G Touchpad Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Mini i8 wireless gaming backlight keyboard has remote controller touchpad, high sensitivity touch template, 10m long...

৳ 2,400
14 days ago
Spy Watch Hidden Camera 8MP Full HD USB Interface

Spy watch hidden camera has 8 megapixel camera, 32 gigabyte internal storage, full HD quality 1080p video recording...

৳ 30,000
6 days ago
FLA-K505C09 IP Camera Network Keyboard And Joystick

FLA-K505C09 IP camera network keyboard and joystick has linux operating system, english display operation, different...

৳ 400
3 hours ago
DVR Microphone Extremely Sensitive Plug and Play

DVR microphone has extremely sensitive, higher S/N ratio, 150 square meters, RCA female audio output, 5 mAh to 60 mAh...

৳ 100
3 days ago
Video Balun 1 Pair Passive Data Transmitter

Video transmission via CAT5 UTP cable, HD-AHD / UTP AHD / TVI / CVI supported, 10-20% wire costs saved, support all...

৳ 9,000
3 months ago
Multi Function CCTV Tester AHD / RS485 / CCD Camera FV-3051

CCTV tester FV-3051 has multifunction CCTV testing method, it can test AHD camrea / CCD Camera / RS485 protocol, 3.5...

৳ 1,400
3 months ago
PTS-326 AC 220V Indoor CC Camera Mover

PTS-326 indoor CC camera mover has AC 220V working current.

৳ 100
3 months ago
Red Eye High Performance CC Camera Adapter

Red eye High performance CCTV camera adapter.