Tool Box Price in Bangladesh

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Tool Box Buying in Bangladesh

Tool box is a box known in Bangladesh to store tools and carry these to different places when needed. A tool box should be kept with necessary tools to easily do small repair work at home or office at any time. Different sizes and types of tool boxes are available in Bangladesh according to the size and type of tools. Moreover, tool box can be procured from at a low cost.

What is the price of Tool Box in Bangladesh?

Tool Box price in Bangladesh is determined based on its type, size, quality, number of tools, quality of tools, etc. The minimum cost to buy tool box in Bangladesh is BDT 380 which is a 32-in-1 mini screwdriver toolbox. Moreover, buying a toolbox containing multiple tools, including a drill machine, will cost more than BDT 2,000. Generally, the higher the number of tools, the higher the price of the toolbox. However, the price of a tool box suitable for a car garage is at least 8,000 to 10,000 BDT. On the other hand, the price of tool box without tools starts from BDT 1,000 depending on the type, size, and quality.

What kind of Tool Box is available in Bangladesh?

Plastic Toolbox: Most tool sets these days come with a plastic toolbox. The cost of a plastic tool box is comparatively low. Additionally, plastic tool box have designated areas for tools so tools can be easily found and stored. Plastic toolbox is easy to carry anywhere.

Wooden Tool Box: The use of wooden tool box has been going on for ages, and is still widely used in Bangladesh. A wooden tool box is a box made of wood to store essential tools. The wooden tool box is used in rickshaw garages or various factories. A wooden toolbox is not ideal for carrying anywhere. However, a small wooden toolbox can be carried anywhere.

Steel Tool Box: Steel tool box is made of steel and hence is relatively more durable. The steel tool box is widely used in car garages in Bangladesh. The steel tool box can store the necessary tools and can be carried to any place when needed. Steel tool box with various tool set is available in Bangladesh at an affordable price.

What does the Tool Box usually contain?

Tool box containing various tools is available in Bangladesh based on requirements. Toolbox usually contains a drill machine, drill bit, screwdriver, screw set, combination pliers, adjustable wrench, measuring tape, hammer, anti-cutter, pliers, socket wrench, etc. However, the number of tools required to assemble a toolbox for a car garage or large factory may be more or less.

What else to consider before buying a tool box?

  • Before purchasing a tool box, consider whether it has enough tools for the needs
  • Consider whether the tool box can be easily carried to any location
  • Tool box and tool sets should be purchased by looking at the quality and verifying that the price is right in relation to its quality

What type of Tool Box should be purchased?

Tool box containing specific tools should be purchased as needed. A mini tool box containing screwdrivers, combination pliers, hammers, anti-cutters, etc. is ideal for small home repair jobs. On the other hand, tool box containing a drill machine and other tools should be selected for complete building maintenance.