Drill Machine Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Drill machine is used worldwide to drill holes into any solid material. Drill machine is commonly used by masons and carpenters for drilling holes in hard materials in various construction works. Different sizes of holes can be drilled through the drill machine by changing the drilling head as per requirement. Currently, drill machine of various sizes and power is available in Bangladesh based on the job requirements.

How does the drill machine work?

By rotating the drilling head, the drill machine can drill holes in any hard material. Depending on the size of the drill machine, there are built-in motors that help rotate the drilling head. And, drill machines can be controlled both manually and automatically. However, portable handheld drill machines must be carefully controlled manually.

How many types of drill machine available in Bangladesh?

There are mainly two types of drill machines available in Bangladesh, manual and electric. Manual and electric machines of various sizes are currently used worldwide. A brief discussion is as follows:

Manual Drill Machine: Manual drill machine does not require any electrical connection. This type of drill machine is used to drill holes in various hard materials by rotating the cutting tool by hand. Manual drill machines are mainly used for drilling holes in wood and tin. Moreover, the cost of manual drill machines is relatively low.

Electric Drill Machine: Electric drill machine has a switch system to turn it on and off. When turned on, the built-in electric motor of the electric drill machine starts rotating and holes can be drilled anywhere as needed. Currently, there are various types of electric drill machines used especially for drilling brick walls. Electric drill machines of different sizes and power are available in Bangladesh.

What to look for before buying a drill machine?

Drill machine is widely used in industrial and construction work. So, before buying a drill machine, one must consider its speed, design, portability, etc.

Speed: Electric drill machine of various speeds is currently available in Bangladesh according to the requirement. Generally, the speed of an electric handheld drill machine starts from 1000 rpm and goes up to 5000 rpm. So, select the right speed drill machine as per the requirement.

Design: Drill machine is available in different designs depending on the work convenience and requirements. Drill machine is designed with multiple handles to drill small and large holes in various hard materials. Moreover, the use of mini drill machines is more popular for general work.

Drilling Head compatibility: One of the features of the drill machine is that the drilling head of the drill machine can be changed as per the requirement. So, before buying a drill machine you need to consider how many drilling heads can be used with that drill machine.

Portability: Drill machine is widely used in general construction work. Therefore, one should choose a drill machine that can be easily carried anywhere.

Control System: Drill machine has a switch on and off system. Again, some electric drill machines have a separate switch to control the speed. The control system of the drill machine is very simple. However, to control the drill machine the accompanying manual guide should be followed well.

Power: Electric drill machine usually use electricity from 400 watt to 3000 watt depending on the power of the motor. Therefore, according to the scope and requirements of the work, the electric drill machine with specific power must be selected.

Precautions in using Drill Machine

  • Use long wiring with drill machine for ease of work
  • Check for short circuit before electrical connection to the drill machine
  • The manual guide should be read properly before using the drill machine
  • Carefully drill the holes using the drill machine. And to verify the presence of electric cables at the drilling site
  • The drill cannot be cleaned while the machine is running
  • The drill machine must be kept away from contact with water

What is the price of drill machine in Bangladesh?

Currently, drill machine price in Bangladesh starts from TK 1,500 to TK 2,000 depending on its speed, design, control system, and compatibility. Drill machine package price with multiple drilling heads starts from TK 2,000 to TK 3,000. However, better quality drilling machines are available under TK 5,000 which are suitable for all tasks.