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Bag Buying in Bangladesh

A bag is our daily companion for carrying various things including daily essentials. Every person in Bangladesh is constantly using different designs and types of bags according to their needs. Bag made of different materials and in different designs and sizes is available in Bangladesh at an affordable price. Moreover, different designs, sizes, and types of bags can be purchased at at a low price.

What is the price of the Bag?

The price of a bag is determined based on its built material, type, design, size, etc. Currently, bag price in BD starts from as low as BDT 100 which is a mini backpack made of smooth fabric. Moreover, one has to spend at least BDT 800 to buy a better-quality bag. On the other hand, ladies' bag price in BD starts from a minimum of BDT 500. However, buying a bag made of leather costs more than BDT 3,000.

What to look for before buying a bag?

1. Choose the design of the bag according to your preference.

2. The bag should be selected considering whether there is enough space in the bag as per the requirement. However, when buying a travel bag, it is better to choose a slightly larger size bag.

3. The bag should be selected considering how many zippers the bag has and the quality of the zipper.

4. Before buying a bag must observe its stitching quality.

5. The bag should be selected considering the material the bag is made of and its quality. In Bangladesh, the bag is made from leather, synthetic leather, and fabrics of various qualities and types. So, select a bag made of a specific material as per preference. However, in the case of using a leather bag, it should be kept in mind that it should not get wet in the rain or come in contact with water.

How many types of Bag available in Bangladesh?

Different type of bag is available in Bangladesh according to people's needs. A few notable bag types are discussed in detail:

Backpack: Generally, a bag designed to be carried on the back is known as a backpack. Backpack is the first choice of most people, from long-distance travel to sightseeing. Because the backpack is easy to carry and looks attractive. Backpack price in BD vary based on its design, size, and built material.

Ladies Bag: Ladies bag refers to handbags for women which is commonly known as vanity bag. One of the features of a ladies bag or vanity bag is its attractive design. Women carry their essentials in ladies bags whenever they go anywhere.

School Bag: School bags are basically backpacks designed for school students. School bag has multiple zippers. Moreover, school bag is available in different designs and sizes so that students of all ages can choose the bag according to their preference. School bag price in BD starts from a minimum of BDT 300 depending on its quality, size, and design.

Office Bag: An office bag that is usually carried over one shoulder. Office bag is used to carry necessary documents and various essential items while traveling from residence to office. The use of office bags is constantly increasing in Bangladesh.

Gym Bag: Gym bag is generally designed to carry essential clothes and accessories for going to the gymnasium. A gym bag is a large bag made of cloth or leather that usually has a rectangular base and top zipper. Gym bag price in Bangladesh starts from a minimum of BDT 600.

Luggage or Suitcase: Luggage or suitcase is a rectangular bag that can be used to carry a lot of things and clothes while traveling. Luggage or suitcases are widely used in Bangladesh. Nowadays most luggage features wheels known as trolley bags and is very easy to carry. A minimum of 1,800 to 2,000 BDT has to be spent to buy luggage or suitcase in Bangladesh.

Also, small and large bags of various design is available as per requirement which are getting popular in Bangladesh under different names.

Best Bag Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best bag list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best bag list has been created based on the interest for bag buyers of BD Stall.

Bag Model Price in BD
USB Cable Travel Bag ৳ 390
Baby Carriers Bag ৳ 450
Korean Travel Shoulder Bag ৳ 550
Baby Carry Bag with Safety Belt ৳ 1,150
Jeep Crossbody Men’s Shoulder Bag ৳ 469
Genuine Leather Male Bag ৳ 700
Travel Storage & Accessory Bag / Box ৳ 999
3-in-1 Large Capacity Foldable Waterproof Travel Bag ৳ 680
Multi Functional Cross Body Bag ৳ 589
Quilt Storage Bag Multi Color ৳ 650