Bed Sheet Price in Bangladesh

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Bed Sheet Buying in Bangladesh

Bed sheet is a useful item in everyone's daily life. 80 percent of the beauty of a room depends on a bed sheet. Sheets of different colors and designs are available in Bangladesh. These bed sheets are made of different garments and hence they are available at affordable prices in Bangladesh. However, there are some bed sheets made in China that are a little more colorful but durable.

How to choose the right bed sheet:

There are many types of bed sheets available in Bangladesh. But it is not possible to increase the beauty of the room because of not being able to choose the bed sheets properly for the room. It is wrong to think that only expensive furniture and home decor items will enhance the beauty of the house. Buying bed sheets by following the below tips can keep the house beautiful and tidy. So here are some tips for choosing the right bed sheet:

Bed size

Before buying a bed sheet, you must know the size of the bed well. Because if the bed sheet is small or big compared to the bed, the bed will be messy. So you have to know the size of the bed. And it should be noted that the amount of bed sheets on the side is more than the size of the bed. But in Bangladesh they are better known as single bed sheets, double bed sheets.

House color

Before buying bed sheets, you should check whether the color of the room is bright or light dim. If the room is bright in color then any bed sheet will suit and if it is dark in color then you need to buy bright colored bed sheets or the room will feel darker. However, white bed sheets will suit all types of rooms and some of them have stripes in other colors and are cheaper in Bangladesh.

Selection of bed sheets according to the season

It is important to consider the current season when buying bed sheets. In summer, thin cotton sheets will provide comfort and reduce heat. Again silk or georgette sheets will be good for rainy season. Silk or georgette sheets do not take long to dry after smoking. Using thick cloth sheets for winters will provide comfort as it will provide warmth in severe winters. So it is better to buy chadar according to the season.

Waterproof bed sheets

Some special bed sheets are available in Bangladesh which are waterproof. As a result, water does not damage other items of the bed. Very good for rooms with small children and not too expensive.

What is the price of bed sheets in Bangladesh?

Good quality bed sheets are available in Bangladesh for Tk 500 which are very good in color and long lasting. But the price of bed sheet depends on its fabric quality and color quality.

A few caveats about bed sheets:

Certain precautions must be taken with bed sheets. And this precaution should be taken both before and after buying bed sheets. The following are the precautions to be taken:

1. Before buying a bed sheet, you must know whether the color used in the bed sheet is raw or seasoned. The color should never be purchased if it is not mature as the color will fade after the sheet is smoked. So it is better to buy solid colored bed sheets.

2. If the bed sheet doesn't have a pillow cover, it's incompatible, so even if the price is a little high, you must buy the pillow cover along with the bed sheet. And if the pillow cover is set with the bed sheet then it will be better to buy and affordable too.

3. After purchasing the bed sheets, avoid stretching the sheets too much. It is normal for small children to jump on the bed but if the sheets are not taken care of there is a possibility of the sheets getting torn.

4. It is better not to use a brush or anything like that while dusting the bed sheets. They cause a lot of damage to bed sheet fabric. Bed sheets can be easily washed by mixing warm soapy water while steaming. So it's better not to use a cloth dusting brush.

5. Using an antiseptic during bedsheet fumigation will keep germs free. Since bed sheets are used for sleeping, sitting, etc., they should be kept sterile.