Action Camera Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Action Camera Buying in Bangladesh

Bangladesh now action cameras are becoming popular day by day. Nowadays there are very few people who love to travel who do not have an action camera. Action cameras are used to capture memories while traveling. There are various types of cameras available in the market but they are not sufficient or suitable for capturing videos for travel. Action cameras are mainly made for capturing videos of adventure, biking, cycling, boating, underwater nature etc. And this is the reason why consumers in Bangladesh are keen on buying action cameras.

What is the price of action cameras in BD?

In BD, action cameras start at Taka 1,700 and 4K action cameras start at Taka 2,200. These cameras are also called sports cameras because they can be mounted anywhere to record video and audio while moving.

Why buy an action camera for travel?

Action cameras with different resolution, different features are available in Bangladesh. So the features to know before buying an action camera are:


Full HD and 4K resolution action cameras are available in Bangladesh. Pricing is largely based on this resolution. If you want to capture videos of mountains, sea, sky, then action camera with 4K resolution will be good. If you want to capture videos of biking, cycling, boating, then full HD resolution camera will be enough.


Every action camera uses a wide angle lens. Many action cameras have 120 to 180 degree ultra wide angle lenses. They provide a very beautiful view and the videos are vivid.


Action cameras are built very robustly for various adventures. So action camera is better than any camera in terms of durability.

Waterproof and Dustproof:

Every action camera is waterproof and dustproof. So no need to worry about dirt and water. The video can be taken very well in places like dusty sand and the bottom of the sea.