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৳ 9,500
1 month ago
Dahua NVR4116H 16-CH Mini 1U Lite Network Video Recorder

Up to 5 mp resolution preview and playback, max 80 Mbps incoming bandwidth, H.264 / MJPEG dual codec decoding, HDMI /...

৳ 35,000
16 days ago
Dahua 32CH 2U 4K and H.265 Network Video Recorder

32 channel IP camera, H.265 video compression, up to 320 Mbps bit rate input, 4 HDD bay up to 32TB, 2 HDMI port, VGA...

৳ 5,000
1 month ago
Hikvision DS-7104NI-SN 4-Channel NVR

Easy two-step plug and play installation, 4 channel Hikvision network video recorder for IP camera, 2MP sensor / up to...

৳ 11,500
15 days ago
Hikvision DS-7616NI-E2 16CH HD Network Video Recorder

Hikvision DS-7616NI-E2 network video recorder has 16 channel video recording capacity, third-party network cameras...

৳ 4,450
26 days ago
Jovision JVS-ND7608-HA 8-CH Dual Stream NVR System

Jovision JVS-ND7608-HA NVR system 8 channel capacity, dual stream, cloud see technology, true P2P, stream adjustable,...

৳ 10,000
1 month ago
Dahua NVR1B08HS-8P 8-Channel Compact 1U NVR

Full metal casing, H.265+ / H.264+ codec decoding, max 40 Mbps / 20 Mbps incoming / outgoing bandwidth, max 8 channel...

৳ 42,000
20 days ago
Jovision JVS-ND9164-HZ 64 Channel 5MP Access NVR System

Jovision JVS-ND9164-HZ network video recorder has 64 channel, 5 MP access, up to 9 channel 1080p playback capability,...

৳ 6,500
1 month ago
Hikvision DS7604NI-K1 4 Channel NVR

4 channel video recording capacity, 1TB SATA hard disk drive and up to 4TB support, support third party network camera,...

৳ 6,000
1 month ago
Dahua NVR1B04HS 4-Channel Network Video Recorder

Compact 1U H.265 network video recorder, H.265 / H.264 codec decoding, max 4 channel IPC camera input, max 80 Mbps...

৳ 14,990
26 days ago
Jovision JVS-ND7932-HV Full HD 32-Channel NVR System

Jovision JVS-ND7932-HV full HD NVR system has 32 channel video recording capacity, cloudSEE technology, one key remote...

৳ 8,200
15 days ago
Dahua NVR-4108H-4P 8-Channel Network Video Recorder

Dahua NVR-4108H-4P network video recorder has 8-channel video recording capacity, built-in 8-ports POE, 8 channel IP...

৳ 3,200
26 days ago
Jovision JVS-ND7104-HZ 4-Channel NVR System

CloudSEE technology, one-key remote, network plug and play, 4 channel video recording, H.264 video compression...

৳ 8,000
1 month ago
Hikvision DS-7616NI-K1 16-Channel NVR

Third-party network camera supported and up to 8 megapixels recording, HDMI / VGA simultaneous output, 4K video output...

৳ 15,500
26 days ago
Hikvision DS-7632NI-E2 32-Channel 1080P HD NVR System

Hikvision DS-7632NI-E2 NVR system has 32 channel video recording capacity, third-party network cameras support, up to 6...

৳ 11,800
26 days ago
Jovision JVS-ND6632-HC2 32 Channel HD CloudSee NVR

1.32CH 1080P access, 4-CH 1080p playback capability, cloudSEE technology, one key remote, plug and play network, H.265...

৳ 19,500
20 days ago
Uniview NVR302-08E-P8-B 8-Channel NVR

Smart function supported, up to 12 MP resolution recording, P2P / UPnP / NTP / DHCP / PPPoE, 80 Mbps incoming and 160...

৳ 4,900
20 days ago
Uniview NVR301-08B 8-Channel Network Recorder

Plug and play with 8 independent PoE network interfaces P2P / UPnP / NTP / DHCP / PPPoE, 1 SATA interface up to 10 TB...

৳ 7,800
20 days ago
Uniview NVR302-08S 8-CH Full HD NVR

Third-party IP cameras with ONVIF conformance support, ultra high compression video recording, 1-CH HDMI, 1-CH VGA and...

৳ 8,200
20 days ago
Uniview NVR302-16S 16-Channel NVR

Accurate retrieval, instant playback, 2 SATA interface up to 10 TB for each HDD, 112 Mbps incoming and 96 outgoing...

৳ 8,500
20 days ago
Uniview NVR301-08B-P8 8 Channel NVR

Plug and play with 8 independent PoE network interface, ultra 265 / H.265 / H.264 video formats support, 1-CH HDMI,...