NVR Price in Bangladesh 2023

NVR is a network video recorder that stores the CCTV footage captured by the CC camera on the hard disk. The NVR machine supports Digital Internet Protocol or IP so you can watch the recorded video and live CCTV camera video from anywhere using internet connection through mobile.

What to know before buying NVR?

Currently, the use of NVR is essential for video recording and storage of IP CCTV cameras. So, there are a few things to keep in mind to select the right NVR for your CCTV setup. Details are mentioned:

Number of NVR channel: The number of IP CC cameras should be matched with the number of NVR channels. Because the NVR does not support more cameras than the specified number of channels of the NVR. Currently, 4-channel, 8-channel, 16-channel, 32-channel, 64-channel, and 128-channel NVRs are available in Bangladesh. A CCTV camera requires 1 channel of NVR for video recording and storage process. So, determine the number of NVR channels based on the number of CC cameras.

Number of NVR Bay: Presently NVRs of 1-8 bays are available in Bangladesh. Choose an NVR with multiple bays to store longer videos. The hard disk is set in the bays of the NVR. Check the NVR bay number as required.

Video Resolution: NVRs can record HD and Full HD video using Power Over Ethernet (PoE) technology. You can set the video resolution as required. If the amount of storage is less, it is better to select the HD video option.

What is the price of NVR in Bangladesh?

Currently, NVR prices in Bangladesh range from a minimum of TK 4,500 to a maximum of TK 1,80,000 based on the brand of the NVR, number of channels, number of bays, and video compression quality. 4-channel NVR prices range from TK 4,500 to TK 10,000 depending on the quality and number of bays. The price of an 8-channel NVR in Bangladesh ranges from Tk 6,800 to Tk 15,000 depending on the brand, quality, and bay number. The price of a 16-channel NVR varies from Tk 7,800 to Tk 55,000 depending on the brand, video format, and quality. And, the price of 32-channel NVR in Bangladesh ranges from a minimum of Tk 11,800 to a maximum of Tk 1,22,000. On the other hand, 64-channel NVRs are available between TK 43,000 and TK 1,80,000.