Barcode Printer Price in Bangladesh

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Barcode Printer Buying in Bangladesh

What is a barcode printer?

Barcode printer is an important printing device for printing barcodes which is used to print QR code, barcode labels, and tags. Barcode printer is also known as level printer in Bangladesh.

What type of printing technology is best?

Different types of barcode printers are used for different types of work. Barcode printer should be selected depending on the type of work because barcode printer price in Bangladesh depends a lot on it. The printing methods are as follows:

Direct thermal barcode printing: Direct thermal printers are used to print barcodes using direct heat. It is used to make small quantities of barcode prints such as plastic film, flat packaging, label stock, etc. This type of barcode does not last long.

Inkjet barcode printing: An injectable printer is a type of barcode printer used to print all kinds of colored barcodes. The ink used in this printer does not harm the environment in any way and even this type of barcode printer can be used in food.

Thermal transfer barcode printing: The method of thermal transfer printer work is different from the previous method. Where barcode printing is to be done, heat is supplied directly from the printer head. As a result of heating, the wax or resin in the label or ribbon melts and is printed on the paper. This type of printing is very strong which can withstand ultraviolet rays, chemicals and extreme cold and heat.

What is the size of the barcode label?

Barcodes of different sizes are printed on different printers. If the barcode printer is small, it can print up to a maximum of 4 inches, and if the barcode printer is large, it can print larger than normal width.

Which resolution shows the best barcode?

The resolution of the barcode printer is an important aspect. The higher the resolution of the printing, the brighter the barcode. Commonly used for barcodes with 203 dpi, 300 dpi and 600 dpi resolution. In addition, 2D and 3D resolutions of the graphics can be used if more brightness is required.

What is the price of barcode printer in Bangladesh?

Barcode printers in Bangladesh cost only 7,000 Taka which is a mini barcode printer and can print barcodes of 2 to 5 inches per second. However, between Tk 10,000 to Tk 25,000, there are very high quality barcode printers that are very fast. Barcode printer price in Bangladesh depends on barcode printer size, function, resolution and printing speed.

What are the different barcode printers?        

Desktop barcode printer: The two most important things for barcode printing are space and budget. Where to print and how much will it cost in Bangladesh? If you want to buy a printer with these two things in mind, then desktop printer will be the best barcode printer for you. This type of printer is ideal for office and shop work. It can print barcodes as needed.

Industrial barcode printer: Industrial printers are used to do a lot of barcode printing work at once. Many types of work can be done with industrial printers, such as creating barcodes and designs on metallic materials. This printer uses many large label rolls so that it can print labels with a width of 1 cm to 20 cm.

Mobile barcode printer: Mobile barcode printers work just like desktop barcode printers, but not as large as desktop printers. Also, like other printers, it has less internal memory so it cannot print much at once. It is suitable for printing money receipts.

Wristband barcode printer: Its working style is completely different than that of a normal printer. Some antibacterial chemicals are used along with hygiene to create wrist barcodes with wristband barcode printers. These types of wristband barcodes are often used in hospitals.

Can barcode printer print sticker?

Yes, sticker can be printed with a barcode printer. Barcode printer is primarily designed to print labels or stickers that contain barcode information. Moreover, stickers are mainly used on products, and packaging for product identification, tracking, and scanning purposes.

Some common question about barcode printer in Bangladesh

Can barcode printer print color level?

Answer: Color level cannot be printed with barcode printer. Because barcode printer usually uses black color to print information on products or other components.

Can barcode printer be used to print QR code?

Answer: Yes, QR code can be printed with barcode printer. Many barcode printers can print 2D barcodes with QR codes.

What is the printing speed of the barcode printer?

Answer: The printing speed of the barcode printer varies mainly depending on the model and settings. However, barcode printer can print labels from a few inches per second to a maximum of 12 inches per second.