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One of the accessories of makeup is the makeup box without which the beauty of the look remains incomplete. Especially for girls, without makeup, beauty will not be in a word. Makeup is basically a combination of many elements of makeup and the box in which the elements of this makeup are kept is called makeup box. The components of the make-up box are discussed below-

Facewash: The first and one of the main steps of punishment is to do a facewash because it removes the extra oily feeling and dirt from your face. And the cream that is used for this facewash is called facewash.

Foundation: Foundation is used to retain the natural look of the face and to lighten the skin and enhance the beauty of the skin. It is different for different skin types.

Face powder: It will help to keep the make-up on the skin for a long time.

Concealer: It is used to remove dark spots under the eyes.

Eyeshadow: It is used to enhance the beauty of the eyes. It is an important ingredient in makeup.

Eyeliner: This is also basically eye makeup. It is available in a few colors but black is the most popular.

Lipstick: One of the most important aspects of makeup is that it is used to color the lips and enhance the beauty.

Blush-on: It helps to enhance the beauty of the face and helps to bring a pink look to the cheeks.

Nail polish: It is used to color the nails of girls.

Different sizes of makeup brushes: These basically help to apply makeup properly on different parts of the skin.