Crimping Tool Price in Bangladesh 2023 & 2024

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Network Crimping Tool in Bangladesh is a widely used tool for terminating and crimping network cable by IT professionals, network administrators and telecommunication technicians. Crimping tool is mainly used to make, repair and maintain network cable connections to ensure reliable and secure network connection. Currently, various type of crimping tool is available in Bangladesh including modular, coaxial cable, and fiber optic crimping tools.

How many type of crimping tool available in Bangladesh?

Crimping tool is an essential tool in networking, used to terminate and crimp cable connections used in network services. Some of the significant crimping tools currently used in providing networking services in BD are discussed below:

Modular Crimping Tool: Modular crimping tool is commonly used to crimp and terminate connectors on Ethernet cables. With this type of tool, the cable must be properly aligned on the small plastic tab to ensure proper crimping of the connector.

Coaxial Cable Crimping Tool: This type of crimping tool is commonly used to terminate and crimp the connectors of coaxial cables that is commonly used in networking services. The cable must be properly crimped to the threaded connector to ensure a secure crimp between the connector and the cable with a coaxial cable crimping tool.

Fiber Optic Crimping Tool: Fiber optic crimping tool is used to terminate and crimp connectors on fiber optic cables, which help in transmitting data over long distances. This type of crimping tool is required to ensure the cable used with fiber optic connectors is not damaged and secure connections.

What is the price of crimping tool?

Crimping machine price in Bangladesh vary depending on the brand, model, and quality of the tool. Currently, crimping tool price in BD starts from Tk 650 which usually has cutter and stripper function, comfortable grip, and compact size. In addition, professional-grade crimping tool is available in Bangladesh at a slightly higher cost.

What to look for before buying a crimping tool?

Network connectors and cables require compatible crimping tools to produce high-quality and durable crimps. Therefore, before purchasing a network crimping machine, several factors should be considered to ensure a good quality crimping tool in addition to meeting the requirements.

1. Connector compatibility: Before purchasing a crimping tool, you should verify that the connector can easily crimp a variety of cables, including Cat5, Cat6, Cat5e, and other cables, including fiber optic.

2. Quality of Crimping Machine: Crimping machine is made of high-quality durable material so that there is no possibility of damage due to frequent use. Moreover, strong construction-style machine with minimal plastic part should be considered before purchasing a crimping tool in BD.

3. Comfortable to Use: Before purchasing a crimping tool, one must consider a machine that is comfortable to use and has a good grip. As a result, the crimping tool will be suitable for easy use for a long time.

4. Use Compatibility: Proper placement of connectors and cables should be verified to ensure uninterrupted network connectivity.

5. Safety Feature: Crimping tools should be well-checked for locking mechanisms and proper handle systems to prevent accidental crimping.