Blood Sugar Tester

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৳ 1,600
4 days ago
Omron HGM-112 Blood Glucose Monitoring Meter

Omron HGM-112 glucometer is designed for fast and precise measurement of blood sugar levels and no complicated initial...

৳ 750
4 days ago
Biotech Match Blood Glucose Meter

Only 0.7 μL blood volume, CE0123 / ISO13485 / GMP, accurate, quick and easy-to-use glucose monitor, wide measuring...

৳ 670
4 days ago
Bestcheck Basic Blood Sugar Tester

Bestcheck basic blood sugar tester has LCD display, simply glucose / cholesterol / uric Acid / hemoglobin meter, data...

৳ 770
4 days ago
GlucoSure AutoCode Diabetes Glucose Meter Machine

GlucoSure AutoCode diabetes glucose meter machine made by Taiwan. This is auto coding blood glucose monitoring system...

৳ 760
4 days ago
GlucoLeader Enhance Blue Blood Sugar Tester Machine

Glucoleader enhance blue blood sugar tester device has 150 test memories with time and date, gives accurate results in...