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AV Receiver Buying in Bangladesh

A Bluetooth receiver is a type of device that provides a Bluetooth connection to a non-Bluetooth audio system. A Bluetooth receiver is a device that wirelessly receives Bluetooth signals from a smartphone, tablet, computer or other audio-video streaming device and transmits audio signals to an audio or video system through its connection. Digital audio output is available by connecting to a home theater system via Bluetooth or an AV receiver. Besides being easy to set up and use, Bluetooth audio receivers are available in Bangladesh at affordable prices.

How many type of Bluetooth receiver available in Bangladesh?

The type of Bluetooth receiver or AV receiver varies according to the needs and requirements. Moreover, Bluetooth audio receiver has its own features and capabilities depending on the type.

3.5mm Bluetooth Receiver: This type of Bluetooth audio receiver allows audio to be heard from common devices connected to non-Bluetooth audio systems via the 3.5mm audio jack.

RCA Bluetooth Receiver: An RCA Bluetooth receiver is a device that connects to an audio system using an RCA jack and streams audio.

Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver: This type of Bluetooth audio receiver can be connected to versatile audio devices. In a Bluetooth transmitter & receiver, the transmitter and receiver work together. The result works with TVs or computers to transmit audio to Bluetooth speakers or headphones, and non-Bluetooth audio systems.

Bluetooth Adapter: A Bluetooth adapter is a device that plugs into a USB port and connects to a computer or other device via Bluetooth to listen to audio.

Also, many speaker has built-in Bluetooth so audio can be enjoyed without a separate Bluetooth receiver.

What is the price of a Bluetooth receiver?

Currently, Bluetooth receiver price in BD starts from TK 350 that depends on the brand, type, technology and features. Moreover, Bluetooth audio receivers with NFC pairing, high power source and voice control price start from TK 2,400.

How does Bluetooth receiver work?

Bluetooth receivers basically receive signals from Bluetooth-enabled devices through wireless transmission and convert them into audio signals.

  • Pairing: To use the Bluetooth receiver, one must first pair it with a Bluetooth-enabled device such as a smartphone or tablet. And, in this case, both the receiver and the connected device should have the Bluetooth option turned on. Next, select the receiver from the list of Bluetooth devices.
  • Wireless Transmission: The Bluetooth receiver will receive the wireless Bluetooth signal from the device after pairing it with the device.
  • Digital to Analog Conversion: The Bluetooth receiver will convert the digital audio data into an analog audio signal that can then be heard through the audio system or speakers.
  • Audio Output: Analog audio signal will support audio from the audio-video receiver through the speakers through the 3.5mm audio jack or RCA jack connection.

What to look for before buying a Bluetooth receiver?

The following points should be considered to select the best Bluetooth receiver as per the requirement.

1. Compatibility: Check if the Bluetooth receiver is compatible with other audio devices such as smartphones, tablets or computers. Also, make sure the Bluetooth version of the device supports the AV receiver.

2. Range: The most important aspect of a Bluetooth receiver is to consider range. Because the audio system or speakers can be used from the AV receiver.

3. Audio Quality: The audio quality of the Bluetooth receiver must be checked. Because it will affect the sound quality of music or other audio. Therefore, before buying a Bluetooth or AV receiver, one should check that it supports high-quality audio codecs.

4. Power Source: It should be verified that the Bluetooth receiver has a portable or built-in battery. For outdoor or car use, it is best to choose a Bluetooth audio receiver with a built-in battery.

5. Advanced Technology: One should check if advanced technology like NFC pairing, multiple device pairing or a voice control is included.