Voltage Stabilizer

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৳ 2,200
8 days ago
High Quality Voltage Stabilizer Overload Protection

High quality voltage stabilizer has automatic voltage regulation, wide input voltage range, short circuit and overload...

৳ 9,500
1 month ago
Sako 3KVA Voltage Stabilizer

Large capacity and high precision, adopted compensate voltage technology, wide input voltage range, over voltage...

৳ 60,000
9 days ago
Tri Phase Automatic 30 KVA Voltage Stabilizer China

Tri phase automatic 30 KVA voltage stabilizer has 275-450V AC input voltage, 380 Vac output voltage, ±5% output...

৳ 50,000
9 days ago
Tri Phase Automatic 20 KVA Voltage Stabilizer

Over voltage protection, over current protection, phase failure and machine fault protection, voltage stabilization,...

৳ 315,000
9 days ago
Tri Phase 150 KVA Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

Three phase four wire 380V voltage or 380V wire voltage, three phase four-wire 380V output voltage, 1-5 percent...

৳ 1,790
1 day ago
Voltage Converter Transformer

Round type transformer, can save up to 68% of electricity, lowering 220 / 240 V to 110 / 120 V, 50 Hz ~ 60 Hz frequency...

৳ 90,000
9 days ago
Tri Phase Automatic 40 KVA Industrial Voltage Stabilizer

Tri phase 40 KVA industrial voltage stabilizer is ideal for commercial power and has three-phase four-wire 300-460V...

৳ 3,100
2 days ago
Sako 650VA Servo Voltage Stabilizer Short Circuit Protection

Sako 650VA servo voltage converter has automatic voltage regulation, protection against low voltage and over voltage,...

৳ 100,000
9 days ago
Tri Phase Automatic 30 KVA Voltage Stabilizer Turkey

Tri phase automatic 30 KVA industrial voltage stabilizer has ±5% output voltage tolerance, 50Hz frequency, 150 V/sn...

৳ 150,000
9 days ago
Tri Phase Automatic 80 KVA Voltage Stabilizer

Tri phase automatic 100 KVA voltage stabilizer has three phase four wire 300-460V input voltage, three phase four wire...