Monitor Price in Bangladesh 2022

What is gaming monitor?

For gaming monitors, it can be said that the bigger the monitor, the better to play. When buying a gaming monitor, you have to pay more attention to the resolution, refresh rate, and response time because the more real images will be available.

1080p or 4K - which resolution to buy?

The best between 1080p and 4k is 4K as it provides stunning images. If you want to play games or want to do graphics design then you must buy 4K. At 4k, you will see a very clear and original picture on the monitor.

What is the best refresh rate for the monitor?

Most monitors have a 60 Hz refresh rate and are sufficient for all types of work. However, in recent years, 120 Hz, 144 Hz monitors are also available in Bangladesh, which works well for gaming, graphics and video editing.

What is IPS technology in monitor?

IPS technology of LED monitor is one of the special technology with the help of which you can get real time images, graphics, colors, etc. in a very beautiful way. This technology is superior to all previous technologies in liquid crystal displays.

What is borderless monitor?

Borderless monitors are a special type of monitor where the border next to the monitor is almost invisible. This allows you to view pictures and videos across the screen and make them look as real as an image in real life. This is a great technology that has given a new dimension to video and picture monitors.

Sub, D Sub, HDMI - which connection is best?

HDMI technology is the best and most innovative of the sub, D sub and HDMI. This technology supports video and audio sharing at the same time. For example, only audio can be shared on D-Sub. HDMI's technology is the most advanced technology and HDMI's technology is being used the most at present.

What is TV monitor?

TV monitor is a type of monitor that has built-in TV card into the monitor and can play TV by connecting dish cable. All works can be done as a monitor to connect the TV monitor to the PC.

Which monitor is better for the eyes?

Monitors that provide clear images are good for the eyes. However, a 1080p or Full HD monitor is a good choice for long hours of working because it has less effect on your eyes. The 4K monitor is another that must be better which gives 4x times clearer image than full HD.