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Monitor Buying in Bangladesh

Monitor is an essential part of a computer. Buying a good monitor will not just saving some money but it will protect your eyes from harmful rays and reduce eye strain. This tips will help you to buy a good monitor by comparing price in Bangladesh along with their specifications.

How big is the screen better?

Gamers need a gaming monitor. For gaming monitors, it can be said that the bigger the monitor, the better to play so 24-inch monitor, 27-inch monitor, and 32-inch monitor are good not only for gaming but designers can get benefit from this. When buying a gaming monitor, you have to pay more attention to the resolution, refresh rate, and response time because more real images will be available. Monitors of this size are available in Bangladesh at a very affordable price.

21-inch to 22-inch monitor is a now-in-days standard and can serve all types of work. Programmers and professionals frequently use this size for their regular works and freelancers can get benefit from this size as well. 21 to 22-inch monitor price in BD starts from 6,000 BDT to 6,500 BDT which is of good quality and is sufficient for professional use.

17-inch monitor and 19-inch monitor is usually low price monitor and mostly used by students as computer monitor. It is also widely used as CCTV monitor. A 17-inch to 19-inch monitor can usually be procured in BD for around 3,000 to 4,000 BDT.

Below 17-inch like 15-inch monitor is currently available mostly as used PC monitor as these sizes are quite outdated. Comparing to current era, these monitors considered as very mini size.

What is the advantage of the monitor?

1. Monitor plays an effective role in viewing images, videos, and other visuals.

2. Monitor provides high refresh rates, low response times, and vivid colors for gaming and entertaining video viewing.

3. The monitor provides good visuals and accurate colors for graphics designing, and photo editing.

4. The monitor can be used as a monitor with laptops, desktops as well as a TV.

5. Moreover, using a monitor consumes less power, which helps reduce the overall cost of using a computer.

What is the price of Monitor in BD?

Monitor price in BD starts from 3,500 BDT which is enough for general-purpose usage. For professional work, the monitor will work best at 5,500 BDT. Special works like graphics designing or animation, 10,000 BDT or above monitor should be purchased. However, first compare the monitor price in Bangladesh and the features of that monitor then decide what is best for you. 

Good monitor available under 5,000 BDT

Currently, various brand of high-quality monitor is available in BD for under 5,000 BDT which is suitable for general use as well as professional work. However, within 5,000 BDT, one can buy a maximum of 19-inch of monitor in new condition, while 21-inch to 22-inch of monitor in old condition can be bought.

Minimum cost of Gaming Monitor

Gaming requires larger monitor display, and relatively higher resolution, refresh rate and response time. So, one needs to spend at least 10,000 to 12,000 BDT to buy a good quality gaming monitor in BD.

2K monitor price in Bangladesh

2K monitor is available in BD, but a 2K monitor is slightly more expensive than a Full HD monitor. However, 2K monitor with a display size of at least 24-inch is available between 20,000 to 22,000 BDT.

What to look for before buying monitor?

Display Size: Monitor needs to be checked depending on scope of work and viewing distance. Moreover, larger screen monitor provides more space for multitasking, while smaller screen monitor is efficient and available on a budget.

Resolution: Monitor with different resolution including 1080 pixels, 1440 pixels, and 4K are available at affordable price in Bangladesh. The higher the resolution, the clearer and better the visuals will appear on the monitor. So before buying a monitor, you must check the resolution.

Panel Technology: Currently, monitor is available in various panel technologies, including twisted nematic and in-plane switching. Panel technology enhances the various performances of the monitor as well as provides better visuals. So check the panel technology before buying a monitor.

Refresh Rate: Monitor is generally available with a refresh rate of 60 Hz to 240 Hz. Also, refresh rate refers to how many times per second the monitor can refresh the displayed image. So while buying a monitor, one should consider a monitor with a high refresh rate, which provides smooth visuals for video, gaming.

Response Time: The response time of the monitor refers to the short time the pixels change from one color to another color. The response time should be considered when buying a monitor, which provides clear visuals in high-quality video and gaming.

Connectivity: Check if the monitor has the required connectivity ports including HDMI, Display Port, and USB-C port to connect to computer or other devices.

Color Accuracy: Accurate colors are required for work like photo editing, and graphic design. Hence, proper color accuracy should be verified before purchasing the monitor.

Other features: Built-in speakers, USB hub for connecting peripherals, blue light filter to reduce eye strain, and KVM switch for connecting to multiple computers should be checked.

Budget: According to needs and preferences, choose a monitor that fits the budget and provides a good balance of performance.

Some common question about monitor in Bangladesh

What type of resolution is best?

The best between 1080p and 4K as it provides stunning images. If you want to play games or want to do graphics design then you must buy 4K as at 4k, you will see a very clear and original picture on the monitor. However, a 1080p or Full HD monitor is a good choice for long hours of working because it has less effect on your eyes.

What should be the minimum refresh rate?

Most monitors have a 60 Hz refresh rate and are sufficient for all types of work. However, in recent years, 120 Hz, 144 Hz monitors are also available in Bangladesh, which works well for gaming, graphics and video editing.

Which screen technology is better for monitor?

IPS technology of LED monitor is one of the special technology with the help of which you can get real time images, graphics, colors, etc. in a very beautiful way. This technology is superior to all previous technologies in liquid crystal displays.

What is the benefit of Borderless Monitor?

Borderless monitors are a special type of monitor where the border next to the monitor is almost invisible. This allows you to view pictures and videos across the screen and make them look as real as an image in real life. This is a great technology that has given a new dimension to video and picture monitors. If you want to buy a borderless monitor in BD, it may cost 1,500 to 2,000 BDT more.

What should be the connection?

HDMI technology is the best and most innovative of the sub, D sub and HDMI. This technology supports video and audio sharing at the same time. For example, only audio can be shared on D-Sub. HDMI technology is the most advanced technology and HDMI technology is being used the most at present. And, TV monitor is a type of monitor that has built-in TV into the monitor and can play TV by connecting a dish cable.