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৳ 10,450
1 month ago
LG 22MK600M Liquid Crystal 21.5" IPS Full HD LED Monitor

LG 22MK600M high definition monitor has IPS technology, liquid crystal display, true color images, full HD resolution,...

৳ 5,800
6 days ago
LG 19M38 18.5 Inch HD Widescreen Computer Monitor

LG 19M38 PC monitor has 18.5" size widescreen display, HD video resolution, 5ms response time, 600:1 contrast ratio.

৳ 7,050
1 month ago
LG 20MK400H 20" HD Display Computer Monitor

Protect eyes with reader mode monitor, 20 inch LED monitor with HDMI and VGA / D-sub port, smart energy saving, flicker...

৳ 10,400
6 days ago
LG 22MK600M 21.5 Inch IPS Full HD Monitor

Widescreen display, 1920 x 1080 resolution, 178 degree viewing angle, 75Hz refresh rate, USB connectivity.

৳ 10,400
6 days ago
LG 22MK600M 21.5" IPS 3-Side Borderless Full HD Monitor

LG 22MK600M widescreen monitor has 21.5 inch IPS display, full HD resolution, color calibrated, 3-side borderless,...

৳ 5,999
23 days ago
LG 19M38A HD Resolution 18.5 Inch LED Wide Screen Monitor

LG 19M38A wide screen monitor has 18.5" LED display, HD monitor resolution, VGA, power adapter and 5ms response time.

৳ 8,500
3 months ago
LG 22MP48HQ Full HD 21.5 Inch IPS LED Computer Monitor

LG 22MP48HQ wide screen PC monitor has 21.5 inch LED HD display, 1920 x 1080 resolution, power adapter, VGA, 5ms...

৳ 5,700
3 months ago
LG 19M38A 18.5 Inch Split Screen Flicker Safe HD Monitor

LG 19M38A monitor has 18.5 inch display, HD monitor resolution, flicker safe, OnScreen control, screen split 2.0, color...