Electric Bike Price in Bangladesh

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An electric bike is made up of an electric motor and a rechargeable battery. It is a convenient vehicle for short to medium-distance travel. An electric bike is ideal for students, professionals as well as senior citizens as they do not require a driving license. Currently, according to the increasing demand, various brand including eWave, Runner, Akiz, and Exploit of attractively designed electric bike is available at an affordable price in Bangladesh.

Why is Electric Bike safe and affordable?

1. Compared to conventional motorcycle or car, e-bike is quite cost-effective. Because this type of bike uses electric power for riding. Moreover, an electric bike is suitable for daily commuting as the maintenance cost is also quite low.

2. The carbon emission rate of using this type of bike is close to zero, which is effective enough to keep the environment free from air pollution. Hence, an e-bike is suitable for eco-conscious people.

3. Electric bike is easy to operate in heavy traffic and help to reach the destination in quick time.

4. This type of bike is compact and can be easily ridden on any road as well as parking in small spaces.

5. As some electric bike has pedals, pedaling on the daily commute can improve fitness.

6. Electric bike provides riders with better control and stability due to their lower center of gravity compared to motorcycles or scooters. As a result, driving is easier and the risk of accidents is much less.

7. Electric bike generally has lower top speeds than motorcycles or cars. Which helps the riders to maintain a comfortable speed for safe riding.

What is the price of an Electric Bike?

Electric bike price in Bangladesh usually varies depending on the brand, model, electric motor power, battery capacity, and other features. Currently, e-bike price in Bangladesh starts at Tk 46,000, which includes a 250-watt motor and pedals. Also, an electric bike with advanced features and a high-power capacity motor is available on a budget of Tk 65,000 to Tk 125,000.