Camera Lens Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Camera Lens Buying in Bangladesh

Camera is one thing that everyone likes and needs. Camera plays an important role in capturing images or videos. The use of cameras is more common when traveling to various tourist centers. But if the camera is equipped with the necessary lens, the picture or video can become extraordinary. Only SLR and DSLR cameras can conveniently use multiple lenses. These lenses can capture images or videos following different angles, megapixels and formats. Different types of camera lenses are available in Bangladesh which are now very cheap in price.

What is the price of camera lens in Bangladesh?

Camera lenses with auto focus, some zooming, and image stabilization start at just Tk 4,000 in Bangladesh. It can be used from photography education to taking good quality photos. But the camera lens price depends on its lens quality and zooming.

How many types of DSLR camera lenses are available in Bangladesh?

There are many types of camera lenses available in Bangladesh which are commonly used in DSLR cameras. Popular among them are: fish eye lens, wide angle zoom lens, mid wide prime lens, prime lens, kit lens, macro lens, telephoto or super telephoto lens etc. But kit lens in Bangladesh usually comes with the package of DSLR camera so it is a cheaper lens not to be bought separately.

What is the focal length of DSLR lens?

The distance between the lens and the image sensor when an object is focused is called the focal length of the lens. This distance is expressed in millimeters.

Why are fish eye lenses used?

Modern science tells us that fish can see their tails. That is, it can see up to 180 degrees. In the same way, the fish eye lens can capture images or videos at 180 degree angles. Fisheye lenses are most commonly used to capture images or videos of archaeological or architectural structures. Fisheye lens is also one of the best for taking various cinematic shots.

What is the function of wide angle zoom lens?

Basically F16-35mm lens is called wide angle zoom lens. Its aperture is f/4. These lenses provide many benefits like image or video color, sharpness and fast focus. These lenses are mostly used in journalism. These lenses can also be used for personal use.

What are the advantages of mid wide prime lens?

A mid wide prime lens has a focal length of 35mm. Photographs can be taken with this lens to keep something as evidence. It can capture images or videos very accurately. The public can use this lens if they want.

What are prime lenses good for?
A prime lens has a focal length of 50 mm. This lens is most popular for portrait photography with DSLRs. It can provide clear video capture. Prime lens prices in Bangladesh are quite low 3,000 to 5,000 Taka.

What are the types of macro lenses?

A macro lens consists of many different focal lengths. For example: 50 mm, 85 mm, 100 mm, 105 mm and 135 mm. A 50mm focal length macro lens is best for portrait photography. The 85mm focal length lens is used for capturing photos or videos of flowers, small animals or other delicate objects. 100 mm focal length lens is used for food photography. 105mm and 135mm lenses are used for photographing the fine craftsmanship of stamps, butterflies or grasshopper wings.

What is a telephoto or super telephoto lens and how much does it cost?
A telephoto lens has a focal length of 200 mm to 300 mm. This lens is used for portrait, fashion, glamor etc. photography or video recording. Super telephoto lenses have a focal length of 400mm to 800mm. This lens is used to capture images or videos of subjects such as sports, birds, investigative journalism, etc. These zoom lenses can be used to zoom in on distant objects to capture clear, vivid photos or videos. Zoom lens price in Bangladesh is available from Tk 10,000 and this zoom lens price usually depends on its quality and zoom capability.

What is the usage of VR in DSLR?

VR stands for vibration reduction is an image stabilization technology that reduces the blur caused by camera shake. Non-VR lenses do not have this feature, and cost less than VR lenses.