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৳ 75,000
4 hours ago
Kstar HP960C 6KVA Advanced Battery Management Online UPS

High frequency and double conversion on-line technology, fully digitized microprocessor control, wide input voltage...

৳ 4,900
moment ago
Apollo 1200VA UPS Built-in Stabilizer

Apollo 1200VA offline UPS has 30 minutes backup capacity, 240V input voltage, output voltage 120V, frequency 60Hz,...

৳ 2,700
3 days ago
Astha 650VA 30 Minutes Backup Surge Protection Offline UPS

Astha 650VA offline UPS has up to 30 minutes backup, green function environment, 140~280V input voltage range, 2...

৳ 2,350
5 hours ago
Apollo 650VA 20 Minutes Backup Offline UPS

Apollo 650VA UPS has 20 minutes backup, 240V voltage input, 120V voltage output, 60Hz frequency, 2ms transfer rate,...

৳ 2,350
28 days ago
Power Pac 650VA Standby UPS System for Computer

Power Pac 650VA standby UPS system for computer. This Power Pac uninterruptible battery backup power supply for...

৳ 90,000
4 hours ago
Kstar 10KVA Over Load Protection Online UPS

online UPS, over load protection, 10000VA capacity, 220V / 230V / 240V input nominal voltage.

৳ 1,350
1 day ago
Power Guard 8.2Ah 12V Sealed Acid Offline UPS Battery

Power Guard offline UPS battery has 8.2Ah capacity, 12v voltage, sealed acid maintenance.

৳ 1,200
1 day ago
Kstar 7.5 mAh Sealed Lead-Acid UPS Battery

Kstar UPS battery has 12V voltage capacity, 7.5 mAh current capacity, non-spillable sealed lead-acid battery, F2...

৳ 29,000
4 hours ago
Ideal 3KVA 9203L 2400 Watt Pure Sine Waveform Online UPS

Ideal 9203L 3 KVA online UPS has 3000VA 2400 watt capacity, voltage range 110 - 300 Vac, normal voltage 220-240 vac,...

৳ 15,000
3 days ago
KStar 1 KVA Online UPS with Built-In 3 Pcs 12V Battery

Kstar 1KVA online UPS has frequency 50 / 60Hz +-10%, transfer rate utility to battery 0ms, input voltage 220 / 230 /...