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In Bangladesh, UPS is generally used in desktop computers, but currently the use of UPS in gaming console and router has increased and there is no alternative to UPS in data center and mobile tower. UPS price in BD depends on its technology and backup time. Offline UPS is enough for general work especially in Bangladesh as they are quite cheap in Bangladesh. For commercial work online UPS should be bought although the price is comparatively high in Bangladesh but it is best to protect the expensive hardware. Read more

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UPS Buying in Bangladesh

Why UPS is required?

Load shedding or power outages is a big problem in Bangladesh. When the power goes out while working, working time is wasted and work is disrupted. UPS can save you from this problem. UPS stands for Uninterrupted Power Supply. UPS provides an uninterrupted power connection so that your work is not disrupted when the power goes out. As a result, even if your various devices such as computers, gaming consoles, televisions, and routers run out of power, you can run it with the help of this UPS. This will ensure that your workplace will ring as well as ensure that unwanted shutdowns do not damage your device's power in any way when the power goes out. Sudden shutdowns can permanently damage your device.

Difference Between Online and Offline UPS

Both online and offline UPS are available at affordable price in BD. However, the price of these UPS varies depending on the brand, power capacity, and other features. Offline UPS provides a relatively low cost of providing short-term power back-up. On the other hand, Online UPS provides power backup to a large range of electronic devices including data centers, and workstations. Hence, online UPS price tend to be relatively high in BD. There are significant differences between online and offline UPS

  • Online UPS usually supplies power from AC mains to load with the help of a rectifier and inverter. On the other hand, offline UPS supplies AC mains power directly to the load.
  • Online UPS draws constant current from the battery. In contrast, offline UPS draws only current from the battery during load shedding.
  • Online UPS requires large battery charger circuits to carry the full load current. A small circuit is sufficient for offline UPS charging, which is only used to charge batteries.
  • Besides, in online UPS, the input supply and load are completely separate. On the other hand, in offline UPS, the input supply and load are together.
  • Online UPS protects the output load from input voltage loss due to high efficiency. In contrast, the performance of an offline UPS decreases as the input voltage decreases.
  • Online UPS does not require any switching system to operate, so it is always on. On the other hand, offline UPS uses static transfer switches, which is switched on in 5 milliseconds on load shedding.
  • Online UPS is continuously on, whereas offline UPS only loads automatic power with load shedding.
  • Moreover, operating online UPS requires a large heat sink system to maintain normal temperature. On the other hand, a small heat sink is sufficient in offline UPS due to low operating temperature as well as most of the time being off.

How much does UPS cost?

UPS price in BD starts from Tk 1,700 which is an offline UPS. Moreover, UPS price in BD usually varies depending on the brand, power capacity, display, size, and other features. UPS with higher power capacity provides longer power backup and costs comparatively more.

UPS price in BD based on power capacity

400 VA to 600 VA UPS Price

In BD, the price of UPS with 400 VA to 600 VA capacity is between Tk 2,000 and Tk 2,500. UPSs of this capacity are generally suitable for powering small devices such as desktop computers, routers, and other small electronic home appliances. This power capacity's UPS power backup time is low.

650 VA to 1000 VA UPS Price

UPS with capacity ranging from 650 VA to 1000 VA can provide backup power to a wide range of devices, including desktop computers, monitors, gaming consoles, and home entertainment systems. Currently, the price of UPS with 650 VA to 1000 VA capacity in BD ranges from Tk 3,000 to Tk 30,000. Its power backup time is much better from 400 VA to 600 VA. 

1200 VA to 2200 VA UPS Price

UPS with 1200 VA to 2200 VA capacity are generally high capacity. This capacity UPS in Bangladesh is suitable for use in data centers, servers, high-performance workstations, and multiple large devices in office or commercial settings. 1200 VA to 2200 VA capacity UPS price ranges from Tk 6,400 to Tk 28,000 in BD. Also, the high-capacity, high-quality UPS costs more than Tk 50,000. It provides long-term power backup. 

What is Mini UPS and how much does it cost?

Mini UPS is a compact-size device that provides power backup to electronic devices during load shedding. It is a temporary power supply to be safely turned off or on during power outages. This type of UPS can provide power backup to the router. Currently, Mini UPS price in BD starts at Tk 2,000.

Online UPS price

An online UPS usually supplies uninterrupted power to connected devices. It consists of inverter, battery, and rectifier. These types of UPS provide backup power for minutes to hours. As a result, online UPS is comparatively more expensive than offline UPS. Currently, online UPS price in BD starts from Tk 22,000. Also, online UPS with high power capacity is available in a budget of Tk 98,000 to Tk 500,000 in BD.

Things to consider when buying a UPS

Power Capacity: Considering the wattage of the devices used in homes, offices, or businesses, the availability of UPS should be considered as required. Using UPS with proper capacity will never overload the system.

Battery Backup Time: Backup power is a very important factor in buying a UPS. So, battery backup time should be checked while buying a UPS. Higher capacity UPSs usually provide longer backup times.

Protection: Consider UPS with built-in surge protection to protect connected devices from power surges and voltage spikes. UPSs with such features help prevent damage to sensitive electronic devices.

Outlet: Check whether the UPS has sufficient outlets for connecting devices as per demand. Also, check whether new connections can be extended later as required.

Voltage Regulation: Some UPS have voltage regulation capability, which stabilizes the incoming power supply and provides clean power to the device being used. This kind of feature mainly helps to protect the devices in case of voltage up and down.

Alarm system and display: While buying the UPS, one should check whether the UPS is equipped with a warning alarm system to deal with any malfunctions. Also, LCD or LED displays should be considered, which can provide real-time information about UPS's complete status including battery level and load capacity, and take appropriate action if necessary.

UPS Form Factor: UPS units are generally available in various form factors including tower and rack-mount. Therefore, while buying a UPS, the size, and design of the UPS should be considered so that it can be easily set up in a limited space.

Some precautions in using UPS:

  • Do not install the UPS in an outdoor area exposed to direct sunlight, moisture, lightning, or other harsh weather conditions. Also keep the UPS away from liquids and flammable materials as much as possible.
  • Do not open the UPS cover or replace the battery unless necessary. Because the ingredients in UPS can harm your eyes and skin.
  • In case of any kind of malfunction or need to replace the battery, the help of service center or skilled technician should be taken.
  • Wait up to five minutes after switching off the UPS, so that the capacitors are discharged.
  • Do not use the UPS below the specified limits especially in extreme temperatures or cold.
  • For safe use of various sensitive electronic devices including servers, desktop computers, connect surge protectors to the UPS.
  • Also, do not overload the UPS beyond its specified power loading capacity.

Common Question About UPS

Q-1 What is the backup time of UPS?

Answer: The backup time of UPS varies mainly depending on the power of the UPS, the load connected to it, and battery condition among other factors. However, UPS systems typically provide backups of minutes to hours.

Q-2 Does UPS have an LCD?

Answer: Some UPS are available with LCD. UPS systems with LCDs can monitor essential information such as input/output voltage, battery condition, load level, and other parameters. In addition, users can monitor the performance of the UPS along with configuring settings and view all alerts or notifications related to the power supply using the LCD.

Q-3 UPS battery can be used continuously for how many days?

Answer: UPS battery can be used continuously for about 2-3 years. However, battery life varies depending on factors such as battery capacity, load connected to the UPS, and power consumption of the device used.

Q-4 Does the UPS shut down without any warning when the battery runs out?

Answer: Modern UPS systems provide notifications as well as alerting users when the battery is low.

Q-5 Can UPS be used at full load?

Answer: The UPS system is designed to provide a fixed amount of load in load shedding. Although UPS can handle the full load. However, using UPS at peak load reduces the backup type of UPS.

Best UPS Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best ups list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best ups list has been created based on the interest for ups buyers of BD Stall.

UPS Model Price in BD
Power Guard 650VA Standby UPS System For Computer ৳ 3,450
DSP Pure Sine Wave 3KVA High Performance Digital UPS ৳ 110,000
WGP Wonderful Mini UPS ৳ 2,150
Mini UPS for Router / CC Camera & Mobile ৳ 2,150
Exide Star 2550VA 2000W Pure Sine Wave UPS ৳ 23,500
KSTAR HP930C 3KVA Online UPS ৳ 32,000
Zigor Volga NG 3KVA Online UPS ৳ 35,000
KStar 1KVA Industrial Online UPS ৳ 19,000
Digital X 650VA 100-220V 4 ms Quick Transfer Offline UPS ৳ 2,950
Power Guard PG650VA-CS 650VA UPS ৳ 3,550