Headphone Price in Bangladesh 2023

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Headphones are essential for listening alone on a computer, mobile or a variety of computing devices. There are also a variety of headphones available in the market for online classes, meetings, live conferences, zoom meetings, Google meetings, and relaxing listening. But first one thing to keep in mind is what kind of headphones you will use in the device. If you buy headphones for PC, then they are usually over-the-air. For mobile, the headphones are earbud and come with a microphone. If you want to communicate on a PC, buy a headphone with microphone. Here are some tips to help you buy headphones in Bangladesh.

What styles of headphones are available in Bangladesh?

  • Airbud
  • Over-air

Airbud: Airbud type headphones are usually best suited for use on mobiles or small devices as they are very small in size and can be easily carried anywhere.

Over-air: Over-air headphones are mainly suitable for indoor use because they are relatively large in size, but their sound quality and bass are better than earbuds. They are usually used in PCs.

How many types of headphones are available in Bangladesh?

There are 2 types of headphones available in Bangladesh. These are:

  • Wired headphone
  • Wireless headphone

What's better with headphones?

Connectivity: There are various standards for connecting devices with headphones, including 3.5mm, USB, and wireless. Before buying, find out which one is applicable for you. If not, you need to use a converter. However, Bluetooth headphones can be used comfortably and eliminate the hassle of wiring.

Impedance: The first thing to look at is the impedance of the headphones. This is usually up to 35 ohms. The impedance should be at least 12 ohms.

Sensitivity: Sensitivity determines how loud sound headphones can produce. 100 dB / mW headphones are ideal.

Frequency: 20 to 20,000 Hz frequency is generally considered standard. However, higher frequency does not always mean a better headphone.

Base: It usually produces beats and provides heavy sound.

Noise Cancelling: The noise canceling feature of headphones is an important means of reducing external noise so that there is no background sound and any audio can be heard clearly.

What are the features of gaming headphones?

The features of gaming headphones are discussed in detail below:

  • Gaming headphones are a bit more powerful than other headphones
  • Audio quality is good for gaming headphones
  • Good bass quality for action sounds
  • Gaming headphones are also best for live streaming
  • Many gaming headphones also have lighting facilities so these headphones look very nice
  • Good quality gaming headphones offer surround sound

Are wired headphones or wireless headphones better?

Wired headphones and wireless headphones are good in terms of their respective features. But to get its proper quality, one must know about the usage pattern. Wired headphones are best if you want to hear clear audio during action sounds or calling. But for general use or traveling, wireless headphones are the best. So it depends on the usage whether it is better to buy wired headphones or wireless headphones.

What is the price of headphones in BD?

Headphone prices in BD start from a minimum of Tk 150 to a maximum of Tk 14,500 or more. The lowest price headphones offer good quality listening that is great for listening to online classes, news. The top priced headphones have many benefits like gaming features, high quality frequencies, clear audio and state-of-the-art high quality microphones that can be used to talk through calling with voice recording. So one should buy headphones according to the budget and according to the type of work.

How to check the audio quality of a headphone?

There are a few things to keep in mind when evaluating the audio quality of a headphone. These are:

  • Check if the headphones are noise canceling or not
  • Check the audio frequency of the headphones
  • Find out the dB of the small speaker inside the headphones
  • You can also try other headphones alongside your favorite headphones to see which one performs better
  • And finally you can verify it yourself