Bluetooth Headphone Price in Bangladesh 2023

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Among the different types of headphones in Bangladesh, various types of headphones have gained popularity among which Bluetooth headphones are ahead because they can provide sound with the help of wireless. So many people call it wireless headphones in Bangladesh. Although it uses Bluetooth technology for wireless connectivity, some newer gaming wireless headsets use WiFi, but these are few in number.

What are the benefits of bluetooth headphones?

  • It is hands-free as it has no wires so two hands are not hindered for working
  • And since there is no wire, the wire does not get tangled or twisted, so it is very comfortable to use.
  • It is easily portable
  • Any device supports it so there is no need to depend on any specific port
  • It is very useful especially for gaming

What is the range of Bluetooth headphones?

Currently, the range of Bluetooth headphones with cutting-edge technology is very high quality. Bluetooth headphones are actively managed from a distance of 30 to 40 feet. Their sound quality is very impressive. They also have a built-in mouth speaker for speaking on calls. So the person opposite the call can easily hear everything clearly while talking.

How many types of Bluetooth headphones are available in Bangladesh?

There are many types of Bluetooth headphones in Bangladesh, these are:

  • Earbud Bluetooth Headphone: These are usually very small and fit inside the ear so that no outside sound can easily penetrate it. But it should be bought according to the size of the ear otherwise it will not stick well in the ear.
  • Neckband Bluetooth Headphone: It has additional features that stay on the neck to provide many advanced features like extra backup time, noise cancellation etc.
  • Gaming Bluetooth Headphone: These are large in size and have pads and over-the-ear style. As a result it does not create any problem while playing the game.

What is the price of bluetooth headphone in Bangladesh?

The price of bluetooth headphone in Bangladesh starts from 150 Taka to more than 5000 Taka. It has the latest version of Bluetooth so now these Bluetooth headphones can be used from a long distance. This Bluetooth headphone has a battery of up to 50 mAh which provides continuous backup of 6 hours or more. There are also different types of bluetooth headphones available in Bangladesh. But the mini bluetooth headphones are good in low price though they are not very durable or the battery is not very good but according to the price it is good. And the price of Bluetooth headphone depends on their sound quality, brand, style and modern technology.

What are True Wireless Headphones?

True wireless headphones are primarily powered by Bluetooth technology. It has a casing to carry it and the charging system is attached to the casing. They are small in size so they can be kept in the pockets of clothes or pants. The audio quality of true wireless headphones is good.

Best Bluetooth Headphone Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for December, 2023

Bluetooth Headphone Model Price in BD
Joyroom Jpods JR-PB1 Dual-Mic ENC Earbud ৳ 2,150
Active ABT-2 TWS Wireless Headphone ৳ 1,799
Xiaomi Mi Sport Bluetooth Ear-Hook Headphone ৳ 1,399
Hoco EW51 ANC Wireless Earbud ৳ 1,850
JBL 881A Wireless Headphone ৳ 1,250
Realme Buds Air 3S ৳ 2,999
Blitzwolf BW-ANC3 Bluetooth TWS Earphone ৳ 5,990
Active Music-1 Bluetooth Earphone ৳ 500
Active LBT2 Neckband Earphone ৳ 699
Apple Earpod Pro 2nd Generation ৳ 1,817