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Remax Headphone

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৳ 2,049
22 hours ago
Remax RB-195HB Stereo Multi-Point Bluetooth Headset

Remax RB-195HB stereo multi-point wireless headset has bluetooth 4.1, transmission distance 10m, 14 hours music/ talk...

৳ 2,049
22 hours ago
Remax RB 200HB Bluetooth Wireless Casque Stereo Headset

Remax RB 200HB casque headphone has 32Ω resistance, wireless communication through bluetooth 4.1, USB, 3.5mm...

৳ 3,100
22 hours ago
Remax RB-300HB Touch Control Bluetooth Music Headphone

Remax RB-300HB touch control music headphone has bluetooth 4.1, 10 meter transmission distance, 14 hours music/ talk...

৳ 1,500
22 hours ago
Remax RB-S20 Bluetooth Wireless Magnetic Sport Neck Earphone

Remax RB-S20 sports earphone has 4.2 bluetooth technology, rich bass and glittering and translucent high-pitched voice,...

৳ 2,149
22 hours ago
Remax RM-600M Metal HIFI Moving Iron In-Ear Earphone

Remax RM-600M metal HIFI moving iron in-ear earphone has 3.5 mm connector, 120 cm cord, 15-24000 Hz frequency response,...

৳ 1,900
22 hours ago
Remax WK BD370 Neck Wearing Mounted Binaural Earphone

Remax WK design BD370 neck wearing earphone has wireless bluetooh connectivity, micro USB charging interface, 10M...

৳ 1,400
22 hours ago
Remax RB-S10 Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Sports Earphone

Remax RB-S10 in-ear sports earphone has 10m bluetooth transmission distance, 20Hz-20Khz frequency, 16ohm earphone...