CCTV Camera Price in Bangladesh 2023 - Night Vision, Mini CC

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The role of CCTV for investigating various criminal incidents is becoming increasingly important in Bangladesh. Awareness about this is increasing among the common people. Many now choose CC camera to ensure the safety of their home or office.

What type of CC camera is suitable?

Bullet cameras are designed for indoor use but sometimes these bullet cameras are also used in outdoor with a special housing to protect from water, insects, dust and other harmful things.

Dome cameras are specially named from their dome-shaped housing. Dome cameras are small in size and designed to use indoor. It is almost impossible to understand which direction the dome camera points to.

These are called 360 degree cameras because they can capture video at the same time everywhere. These are usually wheel shaped and designed to be set on the ceiling.

The Pen, Tilt, and Zoom or PTZ cameras focus on one side, but can be rotated right, left, up, down, and zoomed in with the lens as needed. These come in different shapes.

Mini cc camera usually smaller in size and runs on battery instead of direct power.

How far should be recorded with CC camera?

It depends on the quality of your CCTV camera lens and the zoom lens, resolution, IR technology and the time you are watching. If the camera is a day / night camera, keep in mind that it can cover an area of ​​5-10 feet less at night than during the day. First determine how much distance you want to cover so that the face of any object can be clearly recorded. Typically most CCTV cameras come with a 2.8mm lens that can record 5 feet well and the longer the distance the less clear it will be. On the other hand, the 22mm lens can easily record up to 40 feet. So, choose the right lens as needed. Another thing is IR lighting which gives clear recording facility at night in black / white color. So, know the IR distance so that it can cover the same distance as your lens. Camera resolution, which is usually measured in megapixels, plays an important role in recording the scene, so the higher it is, the better the image will be. Try to get at least HD quality CC camera.

How to connect camera?

There are several ways to connect to the camera. One is the conventional method of using coaxial cable and it is widely available. Network cameras are becoming popular in recent times because they can use existing Ethernet cable without the need for additional setup. Remember that the selected CCTV cameras support the recorder. Some cameras have WiFi support which is called WiFi camera and it requires no wiring setup. Some cameras have PoE port which can connect your camera without additional power line and this is very convenient to setup.

Where can I setup the camera?

You can setup the camera anywhere but it should be set at a distance so that the signal can reach the recorder. Another thing, if kept outside, it should be waterproof. Some cameras are not waterproof but support extra housing to make it waterproof and dustproof. Choose the right shape so that the cameras are less visible to enhance the beauty. Remember not to install cameras in a way that records one another. You may need to install multiple type cameras to fix this problem.

How much budget is needed to secure the place?

You may need to purchase multiple cameras to secure your space so it depends on the amount you want to cover the area, the quality of the recording and a few other things. Usually a CCTV camera price in Bangladesh starts from around Taka 1,000 which is enough for most people and you can multiply this price by the number of CCTV cameras you need. Midrange CCTV cameras start at around Taka 2,500 in Bangladesh which will give you more clear and continuous recording. Enterprise grade CCTV cameras cost between Taka 2,000 and Taka 50,000 and these cameras have motion detection, battery backup and many other benefits.

What is IR in CC camera?

Whatever the lighting conditions, Night vision cameras provide 24 hours of outdoor coverage. They are rendered with a specific color image during the day and converted to white for the infrared view (IR) at night.

How to watch CC camera video?

The output connection of the CCTV camera can be given directly to the TV, but if you want to watch from a remote place, you have to buy CCTV with IP facility.