360 Degree CCTV Camera Price in Bangladesh

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At present, the use of 360-degree CC cameras in homes, offices, and important places has increased significantly. 360-degree CCTV cameras help in saving video footage by observing all the things in a certain area from any angle. Various brands of 360-degree CC cameras are available in Bangladesh including Dahua, Jovision, Hikvision, Live View, Uniview, Avtech, and CP Plus.

Why use a 360 degree CC camera?

360-degree CC cameras have become very popular in security because they do not have blind spots.

Viewing Angle: 360-degree CC camera can rotate in all directions to collect video footage. At certain intervals, the CC camera rotates to the right, left, up, and down in all directions. And, some 360-degree CC cameras can capture 360-degree video footage without any movement.

Camera Movement: Cameras have two types of movement systems, auto, and manual. In addition to moving the camera by itself at 360-degree angles, the user can manually move and view the observation area from any angle.

Connectivity: 360-degree CC cameras are basically IP cameras connected to a local area network and Wi-Fi. As a result, users can watch recorded videos and live videos from anywhere at home or office through the internet connection. However, at the same time, only certain users can monitor.

IR Range: The observation range of a 360-degree CC camera varies during day and night based on camera megapixels, lens, and zoom control. However, a 360-degree CC camera with a 5-megapixel camera lens is capable of monitoring up to 10 to 20 meters and can capture clear video footage.

Alarming system: One of the significant features of 360-degree CC camera is the alarming system. Due to the advanced technology of the sensors of this camera, it will give a warning alarm to the observer in case of an accident or something suspicious.

What to look for before buying a 360-degree CC camera?

360-degree CC camera is available in Bangladesh with different models and different features. So before buying, there are certain things to note about the 360-degree CC camera according to the requirements.

  • Indoor 360-degree CC cameras are suitable for use inside of house and outdoor 360-degree CC cameras are suitable for use outside the home.
  • Select camera megapixels, sensor, and connectivity as per requirement.
  • 360-degree CC camera with smart zoom control and an alarming system should be selected.
  • Before getting a 360-degree CC camera, you must know whether it can monitor the area as required.

What is the price of 360 degree CC camera in Bangladesh?

360-degree CC camera price in Bangladesh starts from TK 1200 based on brand, coverage range, lens, technology, and features. Moreover, indoor or outdoor 360-degree CC camera prices range from TK 2,500 to TK 8,000.