Dahua CCTV Camera Price in Bangladesh 2023

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Dahua is the top Chinese manufacturer for IP and HDCVI CCTV cameras which are popular in the world. Dahua CCTV cameras are also popular in Bangladesh for their good quality and cheap price. Dahua CC cameras are used all over Bangladesh for their variety of camera modes, high quality resolution, high quality color, sensor, lens, signal system and various features.

Why should you buy a Dahua CC camera?

Dahua cc camera has some exceptional features that are completely different from all other cc cameras. Below are the details about the features of Dahua CC Camera:

Resolution: Dahua cameras offer full HD resolution for a very low price. The video quality is very high so any object can be identified very easily.

Sensors: Dahua cameras have sensors ranging from 5 megapixels and up. Since the sensor of the Dahua camera is very high quality, some models also have the detection feature. Dahua camera is widely popular in Bangladesh because its sensor is good.

Signal System: The signal system in Dahua cameras is very modern. Dahua camera has WiFi, LAN, coaxial signal system. So you can choose the Dahua camera of any signal system according to your convenience and preference.

Lenses: Dahua camera lenses are typically 1mm to 4mm. However, some current Dahua cameras are available with larger MM lenses. Dahua camera can capture images clearly in day, night, rain, sun due to high quality lens. In addition to MM, Dahua camera lenses also vary in lens type, such as fisheye lenses and eyeball lenses.

How to connect Dahua camera?

Connecting a Dahua camera is very easy. Dahua cameras have LAN, WiFi, coaxial connectivity.

Wi-Fi Connectivity: Wi-Fi connectivity makes connecting the Dahua camera very easy. They operate on IP technology. Camera can be viewed live on mobile, laptop, PC or other devices with power connection.

LAN Connectivity: Dahua camera has LAN connectivity which is operated by Ethernet cable. Cameras with LAN connectivity are slightly larger in size.

Coaxial Connectivity: Coaxial connectivity requires that the cameras be connected to the area with the help of coaxial cable based on how much footage of the area will be seen. Coaxial connectivity Dahua camera footage can be easily viewed on any standard monitor. Dahua cameras with coaxial connectivity are available in Bangladesh at very low prices.

What is two way audio and two way talk in Dahua camera?

Currently, Dahua cameras offer two-way audio and two-way talk facilities at a very low cost. If you want to get this facility in other cameras like Dahua camera, the cost will be higher. Two way audio and two way talk are described below:

Two-way audio: Two-way audio on Dahua cameras means that the audio can be heard clearly in addition to watching the video footage. The result will be video record as well as audio record.

Two Way Talk: One of the special features of Dahua Camera is Two Way Talk. This Dahua camera can record video and audio as well as talk directly to the person on the camera. Dahua Camera is the best in Bangladesh for this amazing feature.

What is the price of Dahua camera in Bangladesh?

Dahua camera price in Bangladesh starts from just 3,300 taka. This Dahua camera has great features like 3.6 mm fixed lens, 2 megapixel sensor, human detection, 360 degree curvature, two way audio and two way talk. Also there are different types of Dahua cameras in Bangladesh with different technologies. Dahua camera price in Bangladesh depends on their size, connectivity, technology and other features.