Jovision IP Camera Price in Bangladesh

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Jovision CC Camera Buying in Bangladesh

Jovision CC cameras are at the top of popularity in Bangladesh due to their modern features. Jovision IP cameras have special chips that can convert the analog signal into a digital signal. And able to transmit video to NVR or cloud storage via a cable or IP network. In addition, Jovision CC cameras are equipped with night vision and motion detection technology.

Why use Jovision CC camera?

Relatively modern technology is used in the manufacture of Jovision cameras. And, other special features are discussed:

Lens: Lens is very important part of CC camera. The lens of the Jovision IP camera can usually control the focus and control the reflected light from the image sensor when capturing video. Jovision CC cameras use fixed lenses as well as 3.6mm to 4 or 6mm lenses.

Viewing Angle: Jovision IP camera is basically fixed. So, Jovision CC cameras depend on the viewing angle lens. Jovision's 2.8mm lens cameras can record video up to 90 degrees, 4mm lens cameras can record video up to 60 degrees, and 6mm lens cameras can record video with a viewing angle of up to 45 degrees.

Video Quality: Jovision is capable of HD and Full HD video recording depending on the IP camera model. As a result, the use of Jovision IP cameras for security and surveillance is constantly increasing. Also, along with live video monitoring, accidents or crimes can be detected by monitoring video from NVR or cloud storage.

IR Range: IR range is the clear quality video capture range of a CC camera. The IR range varies by Jovision IP camera model. The IR range of Jovision IP Camera is from 10 meters to a maximum of 40 meters. However, some models of Jovision IP cameras can monitor up to 120 meters.

Power Consumption: Jovision CC cameras are relatively power efficient. Jovision IP cameras use 12 volts or 3.33 amps of power.

What is the price of Jovision CC camera in Bangladesh?

Currently, Jovision IP camera price in Bangladesh starts from TK 1,400 to TK 1,500 depending on the IR range, lens, and viewing angle. Moreover, better quality Jovision cameras are available between TK 3,000 to TK 5,800 depending on good IR range and viewing angle for security and surveillance use.

Best Jovision CC Camera Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best jovision cc camera list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best jovision cc camera list has been created based on the interest for jovision cc camera buyers of BD Stall.

Jovision CC Camera Model Price in BD
Jovision JVS-H950E 3MP Wi-Fi Calling IP Camera ৳ 2,650
Jovision JVS-A836-LYC 2MP Analog Full Color Camera ৳ 2,300
Jovision JVS-N430K-SDL 4K Metal Color Eyeball IP Camera ৳ 8,000
Jovision 5MP Full Color Audio & Video PoE Camera ৳ 4,400
Jovision JVS-N937-SDL Two-Way Audio Surveillance Camera ৳ 4,450
Jovision JVS-N933-KDL-PE 3MP Full Color Dome IP Camera ৳ 3,200
Jovision JVS-HD301C 2MP Security Wi-Fi Camera ৳ 2,850
Jovision JVS-N916-KDL 3MP Full-Color Audio IP Camera ৳ 4,100
Jovision JVS-H510 Wi-Fi Two-Way Talk CloudSee CCTV IP Camera ৳ 4,350
Jovision JVS-N517-SDL 5MP Full-Color Audio IP Camera ৳ 4,800