POS Software Price in Bangladesh

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The importance of using POS or POS software is immense to manage all business accounts and accounts in an accurate and simple manner. It also provides accurate invoice and inventory tracking. POS software is now being used in various business establishments of Bangladesh such as small to big and food courts, restaurants, pharmacies, super shops.

What are the benefits of using POS software in Bangladesh?

A business organization can gain various benefits by using POS software. These benefits are discussed in detail below:

Sales Tracking System

Sales tracking is an important aspect for business organizations while running a business. POS systems can provide this sales tracking facility perfectly and accurately. Tracking sales using POS software also reduces business risk in transactions. So, POS software is another means of collecting sales tracking for businesses.

Stock Monitoring System

Stock monitoring is an important part of business. It is very important to monitor when a product is in stock and when it is out of stock. If stock monitoring is not done, customers will not understand whether the product they need is available or not in stock. As a result of this disturbance, customers will have a negative impact on the business, thereby reducing the reputation of the business. However, stock monitoring can be done very easily by using POS software. Not only that, any product will be out of stock soon it will also be seen through the POS software thus getting idea to restock the product.

Accurate transactions

Transactions between businesses want to be fair. If there is a mistake in the transaction, the seller or the customer has to face many problems. But a modern medium is needed for accurate transactions. POS software helps to make transactions accurately. POS software stores and secures transaction information.

Protected data

Keeping various business information safe and secure is very challenging. Keeping various bills, slips, memos, and other information cannot be completely protected. But with POS software it is possible to keep all the information of a business organization safe and privacy can be maintained. Therefore, POS software should be used to protect various business information.


Reporting is a must in any business. All aspects of business need to keep reports. Be it monthly, daily and weekly reports on employees, products, costs, profits or other related matters can be obtained with the help of POS software in BD. It is a very accurate manner.

Financial Management

A business organization can never thrive if the financial system is not managed properly. By managing financial accounts properly, a businessman can easily understand how much money has been earned and spent in any sector. It is not always possible to calculate on paper and there may be various errors in the calculation on paper. But if all the profits, losses, deposits are automatically saved in the form of accounts through a modern process, then managing the financial system becomes easier. And this can be done easily only through POS software.

Automated Menu Display

An automated menu display is needed to easily show the customer what products a merchant has. With this a customer can easily understand what products are available and can order accordingly. POS software provides this facility.

Customer Service

Customer service plays a major role in any business organization. If the customer service is not good, a negative impression will be created towards the company. Providing 24/7 customer service is easy with POS software. So there is no alternative to POS software to provide complete customer service.

Billing Receipt

Billing Receipt is an important thing in business. Various transactions are done through receipts. Both internal and external business transactions are done through invoices. Not only that, but many things like product orders, company income, and expenses are reflected through invoices. An accurate billing receipt is only possible with POS software.

What else should be in POS software?

Inventory Management System

Inventory management system is a process by which various items including product stock monitoring, tracking, memos, vouchers are stored accurately. So inventory management system must be integrated with POS software.

Product purchase management

POS software should be developed considering product purchase management. POS software can be built so that customers can easily place orders. If order processing is too complicated then customers will not buy the product.


POS software should be developed accordingly so that all accounts are stored accurately and easily. If POS software is not created in a simple way, many problems can arise in the matter of keeping accounts.

Providing security

A POS software should be developed with privacy emphasis. Privacy must be maintained to protect various information or any information can be leaked to anyone. So privacy needs to be strengthened while creating POS software.

What is the price of POS software in Bangladesh?

Presently there are POS software with various features in the market. The price of POS software depends on the features it contains. The price of POS software for small businesses starts from 12000 Taka and the price of POS software for large scale businesses starts from 50,000 Taka, the more features you add, the higher the price of the software.