Humidifier Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Humidifier Buying in Bangladesh

A humidifier is a machine that adds moisture to the air to reduce dryness. It prevents diseases of the human body by providing adequate humidity when the humidity decreases in Bangladesh winters. And with the advancement of technology, these humidifiers have become much better. When water is added to it, the machine automatically regulates the humidity. There are many good quality humidifiers available in Bangladesh.

How much is the price of a humidifier in Bangladesh?

Humidifier prices in Bangladesh start from Tk 400 to Tk 150,000 and are available in different quality. They all function roughly the same but the price depends on how much space it controls and how much dryness it can control. And a good quality humidifier does not require frequent watering and has more advanced features.

What should be considered when buying a humidifier?

Humidifiers in Bangladesh should be bought according to the need and demand, not only if they are cheap or expensive.

1. First determine what it will be used for. If for home use, a low-cost indoor humidifier will work. And if used in factories in Bangladesh, good quality or industrial humidifiers should be purchased. That means knowing the coverage.

2. Its humidity capacity means how many kg of humidity it can produce per hour. The more humidity you can create the better.

3. How much air circulation of the humidifier should be known. If it's a big space, the bigger the better.

4. If the tank capacity of the humidifier is high, water should not be added repeatedly. Tank capacity is an important issue when it is used on a much larger scale. And good quality humidifiers have auto water connection so there is no need to add water.

5. See how many hours it can last per refill.

6. Real time humidity display is best. These types of air humidifiers are now very easily available in Bangladesh.

7. If its size is small, it can be easily carried from one place to another in many cases. However, home humidifiers are usually small.

8. Humidifiers are usually fitted with filters to trap large floating debris. Good to know how easy it is to clean. However, small portable humidifiers usually do not have this filter.

9. What matters is how it sounds. The less the noise, the better the working environment. Moreover, if used at home, it will not disturb sleep.

10. Energy efficient humidifiers are now available in Bangladesh, resulting in lower electricity bills.

11. And its price varies depending on what smart features it has, so buy it according to your budget.