Video Camera (Camcorder) Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Video Camera Buying in Bangladesh

Video cameras are used to capture a moving scene. There are different types of cameras that can be used to shoot video but the video resolution and quality is not good. But video cameras are designed only to capture a moving scene. And cameras have also seen many technological advances such as celluloid film, instead of magnetic tape, there are now modern digital storage devices for video recording. Video cameras are widely used for recording various news media, vlogs, travel scenes. Various brands of video cameras are available in Bangladesh including Sony, Panasonic. Once the price of this video camera was high, but now in Bangladesh, high quality video cameras are available at a very low price. In different countries it is known as Camcorder but in Bangladesh it is most known as Video Camera.

What is the price of video camera in Bangladesh?

Video cameras in Bangladesh are available for just Tk 7,500. Optical and digital zoom are present in this video camera so that videos from far distances can be captured clearly. Also, video cameras of various technologies are available in the market of Bangladesh. Basically the price of the video camera is decided on the video quality, zoom and various features.

What is important to know before buying a video camera or camcorder?

To select the right quality video camera or camcorder, there are a few things to know first. These things are:

1. Choosing a video camera should be done knowing what type of video will be captured. That is, for adventure, action shooting, underwater scene capture, vlogging, etc., video cameras should be purchased that have all the features necessary for the job. And there are some video cameras that are used for various occasions called professional video cameras. In Bangladesh these cameras are also now easily available and the price is low.

2. The resolution of the video camera should be selected. Video cameras of different resolutions are available in Bangladesh such as HD video cameras, full HD video cameras, 4K and 8K video cameras. However, it is better to choose the current resolution 4K video cameras in Bangladesh that will not cost much money. And the latest resolution video cameras are especially useful in capturing any vivid and clear video. But HD, Full HD works well.

3. Video camera should be selected knowing the frame rate of the video camera. 60, 50, 30, 25, and 24 fps frame rate video cameras are available in Bangladesh.

4. Journalism, interviews, live shooting often require video capture as well as voice recording facilities. So choose a video camera that can record good voice.

5. It is better to choose a video camera that has a night mode for recording videos at night. As a result, clear video can be captured at night and the video will have less noise.

6. A video camera should be selected based on battery performance. Battery performance depends on usage time to see how it works.

7. The video camera should be selected by checking whether it has all the necessary ports to take video from the video camera to other devices. And in this case it is better to have WiFi or Bluetooth.

8. It is best to choose a handy video camera for easy portability. These handy cameras are light in weight and small in size so can be easily carried. Their resolution is also very good.

9. Video cameras have many advantages if they have a display for control. So it is better to buy video cameras that have a display. And how much this display can be rotated should be seen.

10. A video camera should be purchased based on its zooming performance so that it is easy to capture videos of distant scenes. Video cameras available in Bangladesh market have two types of zooming. One is digital zoom and other is optical zoom. Digital zoom can cause video tearing so optical zoom is best. Choose a camera with more optical zoom if you want to shoot videos from far away.

11. The storage capacity of the video camera should be checked ie how long it can record continuously. Some video cameras have a hard disk so they can record for a long time. However, video cameras usually have a memory card option.