Dental Instrument

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৳ 37,999
1 month ago
Smart Outlook Dental Unit

1 pcs hand pipe, 1 pcs sucker, 1 pcs 3 way syringes, patient tray, tissue box, high to low manual system halogen...

৳ 15,499
1 month ago
Dental Air Compressor

Low noise, 40L tank capacity, 100% cupper wair motor, 3mm heavy slender, 4 side safety system, easy maintenance...

৳ 349,900
1 month ago
Child Dental Unit

Full electric function, automatic water and turbine system, intraoral camera, automatic up and down system, luxurious...

৳ 11,900
1 month ago
Woodpecker Dental Light Cure Machine

Light meter attached, LED screen, all angles visible, built-in fan to avoid heat, automatic memory to avoid re-setting...

৳ 117,999
1 month ago
Digital Dental Unit

Glass type patient tray, 2 pieces of hand, 3 pieces sucker(air+water+electric), 2 pieces / 3-way syringes, tissue box,...

৳ 56,999
1 month ago
Dental Unit

Look like an electric chair, backup updates by hand, base part fixed, 1 hand pcs line, 1 micro motor line, 1 triple...

৳ 17,900
1 month ago
Dental Endo Motor

Reciprocating function, 9 sets memory programs, 120-500 rpm rev ranges, 20:1 contra angle handpiece, 0.6-4.0 ncm torque...

৳ 8,500
1 month ago
Dental Autoclave

Electric system, full automatic autoclave, large ss frame, heavy water & fitting 3-way safety system, weight safety...

৳ 6,600
1 month ago
Woodpecker UDS-J Dental Scaler

Supplied with 5 tips, fixed handpiece, 30kHz ± 3kHz frequency, soft and durable silica gel cable, handpiece high and...