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A router is a necessary device for many people to use together to share a Broadband Internet. However, due to the technology, the price of the router has come down, so now it's very easy to buy a router. Here are some tips to buy a router in BD:

1. Router Type: Wired routers connect computers directly via wires. It provides stable connection. The wireless router connects via Wi-Fi technology so no cable connection is required. It is very easy to setup and can be configured without cable. Wireless routers typically operate on a 2.4 GHz frequency, but some modern routers support dual bands, meaning they can operate at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz simultaneously. Some Wi-Fi routers are smaller in size, battery operated and have 3G / 4G SIM slots.

2. Router range: Wired router range 300 meters. WiFi router signals can reach up to 300 feet in the open and up to 150 feet indoors.

3. Router Speed: Home router speeds range from 150 Mbps to 300 Mbps. More high-speed routers are available in the Bangladesh market such as Gigabit Router can deliver speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second.

4. Gaming: Gaming routers should be fast, and low latency, which is a must for some online games. In this case the wired router will work well.

5. Antennas: Nowadays, routers available in the market of BD have multiple antennas and are available at very low prices. The more antennas there are, the more the router will be able to handle the connections perfectly at once. Currently 1 to 6 antenna routers are available.

6. Connections: Wired routers typically support as many connections as there are ports. So if you buy a wired router, you will buy a router with as many ports as you need. If there is no cover in one, you have to buy more than one. And the Wi-Fi router usually supports 32 devices for each band so it will support 64 devices for dual band.

7. Standard: Check throughly that what types of standard it supports. Because if you support different standards, multiple routers will work better when used together.

8. Bandwidth Sharing: See if bandwidth can be shared equally when using an Internet so that everyone can use the Internet beautifully. Bandwidth on some routers can be customized individually for each connection.

9. Parental Control: If you've young children at home then it allows them to use the Internet safely. This allows you to block unwanted webpages.

How much does the router cost in BD?

Router price in Bangladesh usually vary depending on the brand, model, features, and number of antennas. Router price in BD starts at TK 1,000 with one or two antennas and can only be used for internet sharing. Currently, router with three to four antennae is available in Bangladesh which price starts from Tk 1,500, and is suitable for using high-speed net connections. Moreover, gaming router usually has higher speeds so these cost a bit more. And there is some wired router that is suitable for commercial use price starts from TK 3,500.

Router under Tk 1,000 in BD

Under 1,000 Tk, router with single or double antennae is usually available in BD. This budget router offers basic connectivity features like an Ethernet port, and Wi-Fi, and router has also limited coverage range and bandwidth. Moreover, under Tk 1,000 router is suitable for use in small houses with one or two rooms router.

Router under Tk 2,000 in BD

Mid-range router with two to four antennae is usually available under Tk 2,000 in BD. This budget router offers good coverage and high data transfer speed. Also, additional features like guest network and parental control are available. 2,000 Tk budget router is an ideal router for small to medium-sized homes and small-sized offices.

Router under Tk 3,000 in BD

Router with more than two to four antennae, advanced features, and performance is available for Tk 3,000 in BD. These budget router typically include faster data transfer speeds, better coverage, and advanced security features including VPNs and firewalls. 3,000 Tk budget router is suitable for mid-sized homes or corporate offices with high internet needs.

Router under Tk 4,000 in BD

Powerful router with advanced performance and features within a budget of Tk 4,000 is available in BD. This budget router typically offers advanced technologies such as beamforming for better coverage, multiple antennas for better signal strength, and advanced QoS settings to prioritize specific network traffic. Moreover, the 4,000 Tk budget router provides good internet connectivity on demand for a wide range of homes, offices, and small businesses.

Router under Tk 5,000 in BD

Router under Tk 5,000 usually offers advanced features including advanced wireless standards such as WiFi 6, multiple bands for optimized connectivity, and advanced management options. This budget router can be used for high-speed internet connection, gaming, and streaming in large-scale offices, and businesses.

What is a dual-band router?

A dual-band router is a type of router that simultaneously operates on two different frequency bands such as 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The 2.4 GHz band is ideal for providing Internet access to devices far from the router in large areas. On the other hand, the 5 GHz band offers faster speeds in smaller areas. In addition, a dual-band router basically provides the facility to connect to any band depending on the needs and capabilities of the devices used. Also, dual-band router is comparatively better for gamers.

What is the benefit of 5G router?

Router with 5 GHz frequency is called 5G router. 5G router basically provides a faster and higher speed connection than 2.4-GHz. Also, 5G router is an ideal router for small space. 5G router is available in a budget of Tk 1,800 to Tk 4,500 in BD.

1. 5G router provides high-speed internet access, with speeds up to around 1300Mbps.

2. The rate of network congestion is very low when using a 5G router, so browsing and gaming can be done smoothly.

3. One of the advantages of 5G router is that it has dual-band. As a result, 2.4 GHz band-supported older devices can be easily used.

4. 5G router has very low latency. As a result, data exchange between devices and networks takes very little time using this router.

5. Moreover, multiple devices can be used simultaneously with 5G router within a certain area and provides a stable and reliable network to every device.

6. 5G router includes advanced technologies like beamforming and multiple input multiple output (MIMO), which strengthens the network signal and helps maintain a stable connection.

What type of router is best for gamers?

Wired router is ideal for gamers to play games because, with wired routers, gamers get a strong network connection to their gaming devices. The resulting greatly reduced network latency allows for smoother gaming while also helping to improve overall network performance for online gaming. Currently, gaming router is also available in Bangladesh at an affordable price which provides similar performance. Anyone can buy a gaming router in BD.

Which is the best router for home users?

Routers with 2-antenna to 8-antennas are currently available in Bangladesh. However, 2-antenna router is more popular router among home users because it is cheaper in price and can be used by up to 10 users easily. This type of router is widely used in homes, small offices, and shops. If the number of users among home users is high, then a wireless router with more antennas should be selected according to the need. Home router is usually available at much cheaper price. Home router price in BD starts from Tk 1000 and as the number of antennas increases, the price will be comparatively higher.

What is the benefit of load-balancing router?

Load-balancing router is mainly used in corporate offices and data centers. Because load-balancing router connects multiple internet lines with one router to provide a seamless connection to the user. As a result, traffic overload on the network is reduced and in case of one Internet line problem, another Internet line provides automatic backup. As a result, internet-related problems are avoided in working. Currently, Load balancing router price under 10,000 Tk in Bangladeshi market, which is quite effective for reliable internet connections.

What router is available in BD within Tk 2000?

There are several router in Bangladesh under the price of 2000 Tk. However, within this budget, the significant router in BD are TP-Link TL-WR840N, Xiaomi Mi 4C, D-Link DIR-615, Marcusis MW325R, etc. This router has a maximum data transfer speed of 300 Mbps, two to four antennas, and provides coverage for small to medium-sized homes or offices.

7 Special tips that will improve router performance

Important tips to increase router performance are:

  • First, the router's firmware needs to be updated to fix bugs, improve performance, and add new features. In this case, the firmware of the router should be updated to the latest version as per the necessary instructions from the manual guide that comes with the router.
  • The router should be set up in a central location in the home, home, or office from where it can get the best coverage in all areas. Also, it should not be placed near metal objects or large equipment so as not to face any kind of obstacle in the case of signal transfer.
  • Change the router's channel to prevent other wireless devices from interfering with the router's signal. As a result, the router will have better performance.
  • WPA-2 encryption should be used to prevent outside access and improve performance. Then the wireless network will be secured using a router.
  • The more devices connected to a WiFi network, the more bandwidth is shared and the network becomes slower. So to get more bandwidth the number of devices connected to the network should be limited.
  • Ethernet connections generally provide faster and more reliable speeds than wireless connections Therefore, it is better to use a wired router for gaming consoles or desktop computers that require high bandwidth.
  • Also, if the router is old, then you need to get a newer model router with better performance and advanced features.

Overall, following the above tips will improve router performance as well as get the best speed and coverage from your internet connection.

Benefit of more antenna router

1. Router with multiple antennas provides stronger signals and better coverage which ensures stable and reliable network connection at home or office.

2. Router with multiple antennas can transmit signals over a wider range. As a result, the router's coverage area facilitates internet access from greater distances.

3. Router with multiple antennas facilitates high-speed data transfer, resulting in faster Internet services for streaming, gaming, and file transfer.

4. Routers with additional antennas reduce the rate of signal and data loss to devices used from obstructions such as walls or other electronic devices.

5. A router with multiple antennas provides seamless connectivity when using multiple devices simultaneously. As a result, many users can easily use the Internet at home or in the office.