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A router is a necessary device for many people to use together to share a Broadband Internet. However, due to the technology, the price of the router has come down, so now it's very easy to buy a router. Here are some tips to buy a router in BD:

1. Router Type: Wired routers connect computers directly via wires. It provides stable connection. The wireless router connects via Wi-Fi technology so no cable connection is required. It is very easy to setup and can be configured without cable. Wireless routers typically operate on a 2.4 GHz frequency, but some modern routers support dual bands, meaning they can operate at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz simultaneously. Some Wi-Fi routers are smaller in size, battery operated and have 3G / 4G SIM slots.

2. Router range: Wired router range 300 meters. WiFi router signals can reach up to 300 feet in the open and up to 150 feet indoors.

3. Router Speed: Home router speeds range from 150 Mbps to 300 Mbps. More high speed routers are available in the Bangladesh market such as Gigabit Router can deliver speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second.

4. Gaming: Gaming routers should be fast, low latency, which is a must for some online games. In this case the wired router will work well.

5. Antennas: Nowadays, routers available in the market of BD have multiple antennas and are available at very low prices. The more antennas there are, the more the router will be able to handle the connections perfectly at once. Currently 1 to 6 antenna routers are available.

6. Connections: Wired routers typically support as many connections as there are ports. So if you buy a wired router, you will buy a router with as many ports as you need. If there is no cover in one, you have to buy more than one. And the Wi-Fi router usually supports 32 devices for each band so it will support 64 devices for dual band.

7. Budget: For just Internet sharing the router price in BD starts from Taka 1,000 which usually have one or two antennas. For three to four anteena router price in BD starts at Taka 1,500 which is good for many users. Gaming router usually have high speed so it cost about little more. And there are some wired routers that start at 3,500 Taka for commercial use.

8. Standard: Check throughly that what types of standard it supports. Because if you support different standards, multiple routers will work better when used together.

9. Bandwidth Sharing: See if bandwidth can be shared equally when using an Internet so that everyone can use the Internet beautifully. Bandwidth on some routers can be customized individually for each connection.

10. Parental Control: If you've young children at home then it allows them to use the Internet safely. This allows you to block unwanted webpages.