TP-Link Router Price in Bangladesh 2024

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TP-Link Router Buying in Bangladesh

In the history of routers in Bangladesh, very few brands of routers have been as popular as TP Link routers in such a short period of time. TP Link router work, speed, range etc. have impressed the customers of Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, TP Link router price is very low.

What are the benefits of a TP-Link router?

TP Link router is a known brand in Bangladesh but some features set it apart. And the new models of TP Link WiFi and wired routers are very beautiful in design and the price is very low in Bangladesh.
1. TP Link company manufactures networking hardware so they have special expertise in router hardware.

2. It is widely used in various industries starting from home because of making various budget routers. Therefore, TP Link router can be selected according to the size of the home, office, so you can choose the router that will provide perfect coverage of the Internet at that place.

3. TP Link routers can transfer data very quickly. As a result, various tasks of computers and mobiles can be completed very quickly if Wi-Fi is connected with these routers.

4. TP Link makes gaming WiFi routers that have very low latency and don't require much budget. So Bangladeshi gamers use it more.

5. TP Link WiFi routers have repeater facility so it can be operated in repeater mode if needed.

6. Every TP Link router has WiFi facility as well as LAN port so cable can be used with WiFi.

7. TP Link WiFi routers have advanced security features.

8. Every TP Link router has parental controlling so children's internet usage is very safe.

9. Every TP Link router comes with at least 1 year warranty so it can be used with confidence.

10. TP Link WiFi Router is very easy to setup and anyone can easily setup and configure it themselves.

What is the price of TP Link router in BD?

TP Link router price in BD is very cheap. Price of TP Link router in BD starts from just Tk. 1,020 which has 2 antennas, IPv4 and IPv6 protocol, advanced security system and all necessary ports. This is an ideal TP-Link WiFi router for small homes.

 How is the speed of the low-cost TP-Link 2 antenna router?

TP Link 2 Antenna Router provides network speed up to 300 Mbps which can easily cover a 2 bedroom house and this 2 antenna router is very cheap in Bangladesh. 3 to 4 mobiles and a computer or laptop can easily run at full speed with the help of this router.

What is the price of TP Link 3 antenna router in BD?

The TP Link 3 Antenna router price in BD starts at just Tk 1,420 and offers speeds of 300 Mbps to 450 Mbps. These routers of TP Link support various operating systems including Windows, Linux, Mac for setup, so its use is seen a lot in Bangladesh.

What can be done with TP Link 4 antenna router?

Various powerful internet supported tasks including gaming, streaming can be done very easily. Freelancers are constantly increasing in Bangladesh. In that case, TP Link 4 antenna router is used more to increase the internet speed. They have single core processor, speed up to 867 Mbps, range cover capacity up to 2000 square feet and many other features.

Is it possible to cover 500 meters range with TP link wifi router?

500M range coverage will require a TP Link Deco or Mesh series router. These routers have multiple units depending on the price, so they can cover a much wider range of WiFi. So they are used more in various populated places and big offices or factories. 500 meter range wifi router in Bangladesh is relatively cheap because it has multiple wifi units with base station.