Mercusys Router Price in Bangladesh

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Mercusys Router Buying in Bangladesh

One of the flagship products of the Mercusys brand is the Mercusys routers. Mercusys router is very popular in Bangladesh today as low-cost high-speed routers. Besides, Mercusys router is relatively easy to set up, making them a top choice among users. Mercusys router in Bangladesh is available with 2-antenna, 3-antenna, and 4-antenna as per requirement. Hence, it is very easy to select the suitable Mercusys router for the office or home.

What is the price of Mercusys router?

Mercusys router price in Bangladesh is determined based on the number of antenna, speed, technology, and quality. Currently, Mercusys router price is BD starts from TK 950 which is a 2-antenna router and provides 300 Mbps speed. On the other hand, Mercusys 4-antenna router price starts from TK 12,000 which provides 300 Mbps speed and has a 200-meter range. Moreover, high-speed Mercusys router with dual-band is available in Bangladesh at a slightly higher price.

What is the specialty of Mercusys router?

Some special feature of Mercusys router is described in detail:

1. Security System: Mercusys router includes at least WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK encryption security systems. In addition, several Mercusys router includes WPA2-private and WPA3-private encryption security system. As a result, Mercusys router users can use Wi-Fi internet with peace of mind.

2. LAN-Connectivity: Mercusys router is generally suitable for using Wi-Fi anywhere in Bangladesh as these support a variety of wireless standards. However, high-speed is available when using Mercusys routers with IEEE 802.11n and IEEE 802.11g wireless standards, especially in Bangladesh.

3. Stable Speed: Mercusys router is generally capable of providing stable Wi-Fi speeds. Hence, Mercusys router is perfect for gaming. Besides, the Mercusys router is able to provide stable speed at the same rate up to a certain distance.

4. Quality: Mercusys router is made of high-quality material and is suitable for years of use. Besides, the Mercusys router does not drop Wi-Fi speed even after prolonged use. Mercusys router is currently very popular in Bangladesh due to its superior quality.

5. Budget-Friendly: Mercusys router is available everywhere in Bangladesh at relatively low prices. Moreover, Mercusys routers with special technology suit the budget of all levels of users in Bangladesh.

Besides, Mercusys router comes with at least 1-year parts warranty so the router can be replaced in case of any problem.

How to set up Mercusys router?

Easy steps to set up Mercusys router:

  • Step 1: Connect the Mercusys router to electric power.
  • Step 2: Open Wi-Fi bar on mobile or computer. And, when the Mercusys router name appears, click on it.
  • Step 3: Open any browser from a mobile or computer and search for IP address.
  • Step 4: A web page of Mercusys will appear. Here, the login password needs to be set before starting the setup. This password will be useful later to change router settings so set a simple password.
  • Step 5: The main page of Mercusys router will open from here you have to select the connection type PPPoE. And, the username and password must be collected from the broadband connection provider in the specific area and it has to be input.
  • Step 6: Now a new page will open from there enter your router name in SSID, and the password must be set. And, click next option to complete the setup.
  • Step 7: Your setup is complete. Now you can use the internet using Wi-Fi password.

Which is the popular Mercusys router?

At present, Mercusys MW325R router is widely used in homes and offices. This router has 4 antennas and can provide 300 Mbps speed up to 200 meter.