Tenda Router Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Tenda Router Buying in Bangladesh

Among the different brands of WiFi routers in Bangladesh, Tenda routers are the most popular. One of the reasons for this popularity is that the price of Tenda router in Bangladesh is very low and the quality of this WiFi router is very good. Tenda router can be used for personal and business use very easily. Its powerful network speed, range and efficiency have won the hearts of most consumers in Bangladesh. Some of the features of Tenda router are discussed below:

1. Tenda router in BD is cheap and offers excellent service.

2. Tenda router has more coverage area so it is more popular.

3. With the help of Tenda router, high speed internet browsing, gaming, programming, graphics design etc. can be done in a very short time.

4. Setting up the Tenda router is very easy and hassle free.

5. Tenda routers are ideal for long-term use.

6. Tenda brand new models and gaming specialty routers are currently available in Bangladesh market.

7. All necessary ports are available in Tenda router.

8. Tenda routers last for a long time.

8. Tenda routers offer very good after sales service.

What is the price of Tenda router in BD?

The price of Tenda router in BD starts from just Tk 1,150 which is a very powerful WiFi router. Various features are available in this Tenda router including WPA algorithm, wireless access control, MAC address filtering. It can spread WiFi network over 1400 square feet area with the help of 3 powerful antennas. So it can be said that the price of Tenda router in Bangladesh is very low and powerful.

What is the price of Tenda 4 antenna router in BD?

Tenda 4 Antenna Router is priced at just Tk 1,400 in BD and this 4 antenna router features Dual Band WiFi Signal, High Speed ​​Network, Bandwidth Control, MAC Address Filter, IP and MAC Address Binding, IPTV, Black/White List, MAC Clone, System Log , network time, backup/restore settings, system upgrade and various advanced features.

Is it possible to live stream with Tenda router?

A good quality network requires a good quality WiFi router for long live streams. With Tenda 600 Mbps speed router it is now very easy to live stream at high speed. Currently, Tenda 600 Mbps routers are gaining popularity in Bangladesh.

How to set up Tenda router?

Setting up the Tenda router is very easy. Before setting up the Tenda router it is important to know a few steps. Below are the rules for setting up the Tenda router:

1. After turning on the Tenda router, a connection called "Tenda" will normally be available. Click there to connect to WiFi on a device that supports mobile or internet service.

2. Open any browser from the connected device.

3. You have to search by writing this IP address named in the search bar of the browser.

4. After searching it, the Tenda Quick Setup page will open.

5. Once the page is opened, you can select PPPoE from the connection type and enter the desired name and password, then the quick setup phase is over.

6. However, even if the quick setup phase is over, another page will open from there you have to enter username and password. Then you will be automatically logged out from the page.

7. After logout, go to the WiFi connection from the device and click on the user name of your choice and enter the password. The WiFi connection will be completely ready to provide Internet services with full security.