Xiaomi MI Router Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Xiaomi Router Buying in Bangladesh

Xiaomi is a well-known brand of innovative technology devices that has made a big splash in the networking industry by creating high-performance router. Besides, Xiaomi router is very popular in BD for its attractive design, excellent speed, stable connection, and affordable price. Xiaomi router is also commonly known as Mi router in Bangladesh. Moreover, routers of this brand is an ideal router for providing reliable internet connection and Wi-Fi facilities to both gamers and general users.

What is the price of Xiaomi router?

Xiaomi router prices in Bangladesh usually vary based on quality, antenna, and technology. MI router starts from Tk 8,00 in BD, which offers  4-antenna, single band, 300 Mbps data transfer speed, dual-core processor, and 1000 square feet area coverage. Also, high-speed for online gaming and HD video viewing Mi router price starts at 1,800 Tk.

What is the reason for the popularity of Xiaomi Mi router in BD?

Xiaomi Mi Router has some special features which make it more popular than other routers in BD. The notable features of Mi Router are:

Router Design: The body of the Xiaomi Mi router is mainly designed in geometric form and durable non-coated matte white plastic. Which will be compatible with use in home, office, or business.

Dual-Band Technology: Xiaomi Mi Router is built with dual-band technology. As a result, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands will be available using this brand router. Besides, high-speed internet and strong internet connectivity will be available.

High-speed Connection: High-speed internet connection of up to 1,167 Mbps can be obtained using this brand of router. Which is perfect for online gaming, high-quality video streaming, and downloading large files.

Smart QoS Technology: Xiaomi routers are designed with Smart QoS technology. which provides faster access to Internet traffic, so that the user's critical applications can easily operate with the required bandwidth.

Parental Control System: Parental control system is included in Xiaomi router for parents to control the online activities of children. This will allow you to easily restrict access to specific websites and limit internet usage time.

Guest Network: Mi router has option to create a separate network for guest use besides strengthening network security.

Mi Wi-Fi App: The Mi Wi-Fi app is the most notable feature of the Xiaomi brand router. This app provides the user with network connection checks, unauthorized access control, and changes to other functions of connected devices. Xiaomi router can be controlled remotely from anywhere using this app.

Smart Home Integration: Xiaomi Mi Router has its own smart home integration system. Which will provide users with easy control of smart home devices through this router.

Error Correction Algorithm: Xiaomi router includes an error correction algorithm to easily improve the weak signal, which maintains an uninterrupted connection.

Dual Cooling Fin Heat Sink: The Mi router has a dual cooling fin heat sink made of metallic nanomaterials to control the temperature generated during router use. As a result, the use of this brand of router maintains uninterrupted network connectivity and does not cause any system faults in the router.

Which model of Xiaomi router is popular in Bangladesh?

Currently, Xiaomi Mi 4C, 4A Regular Edition, and Gigabit Edition routers are available at low prices in Bangladesh. However, Xiaomi Mi 4C router is a very popular router at an affordable price in BD which offers almost all kinds of features for less money.