Netis Router Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Netis Router Buying in Bangladesh

Netis router is basically a router manufactured by Netis System Corporation of China. This brand is well known in the networking industry of Bangladesh. The Netis brand generally offers a variety of routers and networking devices for home, office, and business use. Nowadays, Netis router has gained huge popularity in Bangladesh due to reliable internet connection, user-friendly interface, and affordable price.

What is the price of Netis router?

Netis router price in Bangladesh varies depending on the specific model, number of antennas, and technology. Currently, Netis router price in BD starts from Tk 900 which is a powerful 1-antenna WiFi router. However, 4-antenna Netis router is more common in Bangladesh than 1-antenna or 2-antenna ones. And, Netis router with 4-antennas is available under Tk 1,600. Also, Netis router with high bandwidth transmission, and long area coverage is usually priced above Tk 3,000.

What is the advantage of Netis router?

1. Netis router provides a simple interface for users, allowing them to set up routers without technical knowledge.

2. Netis router provides a stable and reliable network connection by providing a consistent wireless signal.

3. Netis router features advanced wireless technologies such as Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) and beamforming that provides extended Wi-Fi coverage. As a result, this router gives a strong and stable wireless connection at home, office, or business.

4. Netis router includes firewall protection, WPA/WPA2 encryption, guest network, and parental control systems to keep the network and connected devices safe from outside threats.

5. Certain models of Netis brand router offers smooth and lag-free connectivity for video streaming and online gaming.

6. Also, Netis brand router has advanced technology and quality but is available at affordable price in Bangladesh. Which is currently quite popular among users as a budget-friendly router.

Is Netis two antenna router available in Bangladesh?

Generally, 4-antenna Netis router is available at an affordable price in Bangladesh. Netis router with 2-antenna is also available in Bangladesh which price starts from Tk 1,000. However, the price of a 2-antenna router varies depending on the model, data transfer rate, and other features.

How many internet connections can be used on a netis router?

Netis brand router usually has 1 WAN port so 1 internet connection can be connected. And multiple users can use the internet through Wi-Fi.

What is the warranty on Netis router?

Netis brand router usually comes with a 1-year warranty in BD. However, parts warranty is available on certain models of Netis router.

What kind of coverage is available using Netis router?

Netis router usually offers different coverage depending on the specific model. However, the minimum coverage of 800 square feet to 2500 square feet is available using Netis brand router.