Sofa Set Price in Bangladesh

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Sofa Set Buying in Bangladesh

Sofa set is used as the first material to decorate drawing room of house or flat worldwide including Bangladesh. The sofa set gives the drawing room a premium look as well as providing a comfortable seating area for the guests. Sofa set is the first means of displaying the luxury of a home. Sofa set of various size and shape is available in Bangladesh at affordable price.

What is the price of sofa set in Bangladesh?

Currently, sofa set price in Bangladesh is determined by its materials, design, and seating capacity. Sofa set price in Bangladesh starts from TK 8,000 which includes a single seater, a dual seater, and a triple seater sofa. Moreover, sofa price in Bangladesh starts from TK 2,000 which is a single-seater sofa and displayed with an attractive design. Moreover, L-shaped and U-shaped combined sofa is now available which is relatively expensive.

How many seater sofa available in Bangladesh?

Different seater sofa is available in Bangladesh based on the seating capacity of the sofa. On the basis of sofa seat type details are given:

Single-Seater Sofa: Single seater sofa is suitable for one person to sit comfortably. Single-seater sofas made of various designs, shapes, and materials are available in Bangladesh. And, specially the sofa sets include a single-seater sofa. Moreover, only a single-seater sofa can be procured separately if required.

Dual Seater Sofa: Dual seater sofa is usually suitable for two people to sit comfortably. Due to the lack of space in Dhaka city, only a dual-seater sofa is used in many cases for the seating arrangement of guests. However, most of the time the sofa set includes a dual-seater sofa. Currently, dual-seater sofa of various attractive design made of different material is available in Bangladesh.

Three-Seater Sofa: Three-seater sofa is mainly designed to seat three people. The three-seater sofa is known as the largest sofa in the sofa set. Multiple three-seater sofas can be used to share stories with multiple guests at once. However, the three-seater sofa can be procured separately if required. Also, sometimes a single seater and a dual seater sofa can be combined to form a three seater sofa.

Besides, single four-seater and single five-seater sofas are available and customized in Bangladesh as per requirement.

What to look for before buying a sofa set?

A sofa set plays a role in hospitality to guests as well as enhancing the beauty of the home. So, before buying a sofa set, the following points must be noted:

1. Consider whether the design of the sofa set suits the drawing room.

2. Consider how many people can sit together on the sofa set. If a large number of guests come regularly, consider buying a relatively large sofa set.

3. Sofa sets should be selected based on the size of the drawing room. So that the sofa set can be properly set up in the drawing room.

4. The material the sofa set is made of must be considered. Because the better the material of the sofa, the longer the sofa can be used.

5. Consider what material the fabric of the sofa set cover is made of. Moreover, sofa cover of different design is available to buy separately in Bangladesh today.

What is the popular sofa design in Bangladesh?

Sofa set of various design and capacity is currently popular in Bangladesh. Popular sofa shape and design is discussed in detail:

Customize Sofa: Most sofa users in Bangladesh customize their sofa according to their preferences. Sofa set is customized by single seater sofa, dual seater sofa, and three seater sofa based on drawing room space and interior design.

L Shape Sofa: L shape sofa has become very popular in Bangladesh nowadays as these feature attractive design and give a premium look to the drawing room. An L-shape sofa can accommodate a certain number of people. And, the L-shape sofa is connected together which is a sofa in its entirety. L shape sofa price depends on its size.

U Shape Sofa: U shape sofa gives the drawing room a more luxurious look. U-shape sofa after setup looks a lot like the English letter U, hence its name U-shape sofa. The U-shape sofa is basically designed to be useful for many people to sit and discuss together. A U-shape sofa is a jointed sofa and its price is relatively high.