RJ45 Connector Price in Bangladesh 2023 & 2024

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From small businesses to home, office or business use, reliable network connectivity is essential for success in the modern economy. And in this case the RJ45 connector plays an important role in ensuring that connection. RJ45 connectors are mainly used to connect modern computer networking devices to local area networks and wide area networks. Moreover RJ45 connector is also known as Ethernet connector in BD. Today, RJ45 connectors are used to connect computers, routers, switches and other network-enabled devices in homes, offices and businesses in Bangladesh.

What is the price of RJ45 connector in Bangladesh?

Currently, RJ45 connector price in BD depends on brand, quality, etc. RJ45 connector price in Bangladesh starts from TK 9 which is single connector and compatible with Cat6 cable. Also, modular RJ45 connector is available in Bangladesh which is slightly more expensive.

What to look for before buying RJ45 connector?

RJ45 connector is required to be compatible with network and connecting devices, durable and reliable as well as ensure a smooth and efficient network with fast data transfer rate and minimum downtime. So, before purchasing an RJ45 connector, there are a few important things to consider to ensure the right connector for your needs.

1. Device Compatibility: Before purchasing an RJ45 connector, one should consider whether the connector will be compatible with the device. Because the RJ45 connector is designed to work with specific Ethernet cables such as Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6 with connecting devices.

2. Quality of Connector: Connection problems, slow data transfer and other types of problems can be seen due to the use of poor-quality connectors. Therefore, the quality of RJ45 connectors should be verified to ensure high-quality connections for the network to run smoothly and reliably.

3. Shielding: Currently in Bangladesh there is a lot of electromagnetic interference or radio frequency interference around the user so there is a possibility to face many obstacles in the network connection. A shielded RJ45 connector should be considered in this case. As a result, the new connection will provide additional protection against external interference.

4. PoE Compatibility: RJ45 connectors must be PoE compatible if the user plans to use Power over Ethernet devices. Because PoE devices will require additional power to run.

5. Brand Verification: Presently, various brands and quality RJ45 connectors are available in Bangladesh including D-Net, Systemax, Micronet and Safenet. Therefore, the right RJ45 connector should be selected according to the medium of use and requirement.