Hair Treatment

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৳ 299
1 day ago
Bumpits Big Happie Hair Volumizer

Bumpits big happie hair volumizer has 5 pcs/set, plastic materials, lightweight and easy to carry.

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2 days ago
Therapy Plus Body and Scalp Massaging Brush

Therapy plus body and scalp massaging brush has 20 x 4 x 2 cm dimensions, health massage comb, two kinds of AC and DC...

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2 months ago
Caboki Natural Safe Long-Lasting Instant Hair Building Fiber

Caboki 30gm hair building fiber is an instant solution to hair loss problems, made with natural and safe fibers from...

৳ 2,500
5 months ago
Toppik Hair Building Fiber for Men and Women - 25g

Toppik Hair Building Fiber (25g) for men and women. This hair loss product is made of all natural organic keratin...

৳ 1,100
5 months ago
Caboki End of Ordinary Products for Hair Loss

Look 10 years younger, in seconds. Caboki instantly eliminates the appearance of hair loss, baldness and thinning hair,...

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5 months ago
Micro Needling Derma Roller For Hair Loss Treatment

Micro needling derma roller for hair loss treatment. It can stimulate blood circulation and increase nutrients to...

৳ 1,600
6 months ago
Toppik Hair Building Fibers 10.3g for Men and Women

Toppik hair building fiber 10.3g for thickening your hair. Made of all natural organic keratin protein, the same...

৳ 338
9 months ago
Bajaj Almond Drops Non Sticky Hair Oil with Vitamin E

Bajaj almond drops hair is enriched with sweet almond oil. It has 300% more vitamin E than coconut oil which combines...

৳ 538
9 months ago
Brylcreem Anti Dandruff Hair Cream

Brylcreem anti-dandruff hair cream is clinically proven to clear dandruff effectively and provides natural looking hair...

৳ 538
9 months ago
Brylcreem Original Nourishing Hair Cream

Brylcreem hair cream is clinically proven to clear dandruff. Brylcreem hairdressing helps to prevent dandruff whilst...