Cow Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Cow Buying in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country rich in cattle. And cows are the most popular among these cattle. There are many people who want to buy cows for Qurbani, for farming or for personal keeping. But whatever the reason, before buying a cow, you need to know some tips in choosing a cow. Below are some tips:

1. If the purpose is for Qurbani, then it must be noticed that according to the Sunnah the cow should have at least two teeth.

2. If you want to farm, you must choose a cow with a veterinarian or according to his advice. This is because it is important to check whether the cow you are buying is infected with a virus or has a physical disability.

3. If the top of the cow's nose is wet, it is a sign of a healthy cow. And if you hold the food in front of the cow's mouth and if the cow pulls it with its tongue, then the cow can be considered healthy. Remember that sick cows are somewhat lifeless and will not want to eat easily.

4. Many people think that fat cows mean healthier and more meaty. Some unscrupulous traders fatten the sacrificial animal with drugs and sell it at the market in the hope of making more money. These cows are much thicker than other cows and their skin is tight.

5. Healthy cows will always move as they chase flies with their ears and move their tails. On the other hand, if it takes fat medicine, the normal movement of the cow will be reduced and it will be relaxed. So these cows should not be bought.

6. If the cow's hump is thick and tight, then the cow can be considered healthy.

7. Check for broken horns of the cow, broken hooves, or there is a wound on the skin.

8. There is a place called the fly joint of the cow which is like a three-cornered hole and if that place is swollen then it can be assumed that the cow has been given medicine.

9. The price of domestic cow is still relatively low. The cow price in Bangladesh is around Taka 70,000 which has been raised with natural food and good care.

Observe all of the above symptoms carefully and select cows for your sacrifice, cows for farm, personal rearing or all other work.

Best Cow Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best cow list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best cow list has been created based on the interest for cow buyers of BD Stall.

Cow Model Price in BD
Automatic Cow Body Cleaning Brush ৳ 65,000
100 Pieces Ear Tag for Cow ৳ 4,500
Deshal Breed Cow ৳ 300,000
Sahiwal Cow ৳ 211,050
Sahiwal Bull ৳ 185,000
Holstein Friesian Cow 534Kg ৳ 200,000
Deshal Cow ৳ 175,000
Holstein Friesian Cow ৳ 300,000
Pure Deshal Bull ৳ 170,000