Scanner Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Nowadays scanners have become an important device in daily life. Scanner machines are widely used in Bangladesh to copy images or various useful documents. The main function of the scanner is to convert all the necessary documents or images into a digital one. Various books, ID cards, stamps, business cards and various documents can be easily stored on disk with the help of scanner.

What is the price of scanner machine in Bangladesh?

The price of scanner machine in Bangladesh starts from Tk 10,000 and they can easily scan documents of legal, A3 and different sizes and some scanner machines support duplexing. There are special scanners with which check books and other books can be scanned easily.

Know some tips before buying a scanner

There are many types of scanners available in Bangladesh. Each scanner is known for different features. Knowing the tips below will make finding the right scanner for the job easier.

1. One of the most popular scanners in Bangladesh is the flatbed scanner. This scanner can be placed anywhere in the home or office and scanning can be done very easily. Fatboard scanner is good for scanning any picture or book.

2. Shed feeder scanners are best for daily scanning. Multiple pages of any document can be scanned with a sheet feeder scanner. If scanning is to be done on a daily basis then a seed feeder scanner would be better.

3. If you want to scan large documents on a regular basis, you should get an automatic document feeder. With its help, daily scanning of large documents can be done easily. However, their scanning capabilities vary. So first make sure what kind of scanning to do.

4. The demand for duplex scanners is increasing day by day. This scanner can scan two pages at once. Many documents are on two pages of a paper. Scanning two pages at once is not possible without a duplex scanner. So if you want to scan two pages at the same time, it will be convenient to buy a duplex scanner.

5. No matter which scanner is purchased for work, it is important to check the quality of the scanner first. If the scanner quality is not good then the scanner machine will not last.

6. Before buying a scanner you must check the warranty as after sales service is a key issue. So you should buy knowing which scanner will get more after-sales service.

7. Scanning resolution is an important factor when it comes to scanners. How many dpi resolution a scanner machine can do scanning must be clearly known first. If the resolution is bad, scanning will not be good.

8. Check if the scanner comes with software or not. Although this is not a major issue but with its help some additional services are available. These softwares provide registered versions of many essential software including photo editing software, optical character recognition (OCR), text editing, PDF creation and business cards. So it is better to check whether software is provided to get additional services or not.